Some Tips And Tricks For Users Of BlackBerry Balance

Blackberry Balance is a new feature for BlackBerry 10. Not all users will know the inner workings of it. The purpose of BlackBerry Balance is to make the transition from work phone to personal phone much easier. The following tips and tricks should give you more insight. Keep your personas separate – Color code your […]


RIM Offers Tips for Animated BBM Avatars & BlackBerry Traffic

With the update to BlackBerry Messenger to 6.1 and BlackBerry Traffic, brings lots of goodness to our BlackBerry device’s. With the addition of the animated BBM Avatars RIM has offered the following tricks below:

Updated your PlayBook to the 2.0 beta and want Bridge items to work? We may have an answer

  I am sure that I am not alone in this one, but I of course updated my PlayBook to the developer beta of version 2.0 and have since been missing my Bridge functionality.  Well I stumbled upon a neat little fix today while roaming around on Twitter, and while I have not been able […]

5 Tips For Your Playbook

Here’s a handy guide made by RIM which will help you use the Playbook more efficiently and perhaps learn some new things that you didn’t already know. Hit the break for the full list of tips and tricks

BlackBerry OS 6 Tips from RIM

I just received an email from RIM with some great BlackBerry OS 6 tips: To automatically launch Universal Search, start typing or select the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the home screen To add an icon to the Favorites view, select the icon and press and hold the trackpad, then click on […]