Blackberry Torch 9800 Now Available In The UK

When it rains it pours! Not only was the highly anticipated new Blackberry Torch 9800 released in Canadian, but it is now available in the UK. Yesterday Phones4U confirmed on Twitter yesterday that the Torch would be available online and in stores starting today, October 1st. “You’ll be able to get it on the Orange […]


Price of Virgin Mobile Branded Torch 9800 Back Up To $599 At Future Shop

So if you remember a few days ago we reported that Future Shop had the Virgin branded Torch 9800 for $549 which was $50 cheaper than all other carriers. Well it appears that over the weekend they realized their error and put the price back in line with the “Big 3″ at $599. Now I’m […]

Theme Studio v6.0 Beta 1 Is Now Available For Download

  As a Torch owner and a lover of themes this is truly the day I have been waiting for since I got my Torch back in August.  The first beta version of the Blackberry Theme Studio for Blackberry 6 and the Torch is finally available for download.  I believe there are a lot of possibilities […]

Virgin Mobile’s Torch 9800 Comes in $50 Cheaper Than The Big 3

The controversy and mystique around the Canadian launch of the new Blackberry Torch 9800 continues today. It seems that Virgin Mobile (a Bell subsidiary) has listed their outright price for the Torch at $549 which is $50 less than the “Big 3′s” price of $599. This continues to add fuel to the fire for Canadian […]

Blackberry Torch Delayed for Vodafone UK

  This is crazy every carrier except AT&T has delayed the release of the Blackberry Torch. We can’t say for sure why it has been delayed , but we believe it is the OS on the Torch. The Torch was set to be released on September 27th. It is now set to be released on October 1st.You can […]

Now Available from – Blackberry Torch

The Torch 9800 is now available online at as of today, with shipments leaving on September 29th. If you don’t want to pick it up online you will be able to buy it in the Bell stores on September 30th. The pricing has actually dropped a little! It’s down to $179.95 with three year contract […]

Canadian Release Dates For The Torch Still Seem To Be Up In The Air!

With tomorrow being the original Torch 9800 release date for all the major Canadian carriers I figured I would try to do some investigation for all you Canadian Blackberry users. I decided to stop in at a Best Buy here in town, as I had received some information that they had finally received their “dummy” […]

Rogers Launches Torch 9800 Online On The 24th, With Full Launch On The 27th

So it seems that we finally have an answer, for Rogers Blackberry users, on the launch of the Torch 9800. There have been lots of rumors regarding the Canadian launch of the Torch, as carriers have had issues with the OS, with many of the Canadian carriers delaying till October 1st. Up until last night […]

Delayed: Bell Launch of the BlackBerry Torch Until October 1st

That’s right, Bell has delayed the launch of the BlackBerry Torch until October 1st. This must have something to do with the last minute OS changes to the device. We previously reported that the the Torch was set for a release date of September 24th. Bell now has a splash page up showing the release date […]

TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9800 now available for pre-order

Canadain carrier TELUS is now taking pre orders for the Blackberry Torch. The pre order page is up but,  no official launch date. The pricing for the device as of now is $199.99 on a 3/yr contract and $599.99 without contract. The rumor is the  BlackBerry Torch 9800 has been delayed for all carriers due to OS changes. Go check out the […]

Canadian Launch of The Torch 9800 May Start With Barely A Spark

The guys over at The Berry Fix have just posted some potential bad news for Canadians that are waiting for the Torch 9800 to launch. According to their sources there has been issues working out an OS issue that has the potential to delay the launch till October 1st. The tentative launch date that was […]

BlackBerry Torch – Coming Soon! According to SaskTel Site

SaskTel has now set up a page on their site displaying that the BlackBerry Torch will be available soon. As of right now its not sure exactly when it will launch and the price is still to be determined. What we do know is that their promise has been confirmed and that want to show […]

Leaked AT&T Holiday Catalog Photo Shows Torch in Red and White

If anyone of you remember way back there were rumors of a Torch coming out in red, also recently there have been rumors of a white version. Well it looks like these rumors are true. As you can see from the leaked photo the two colors will be available from AT&T and should be out […]

Leaked OS: Blackberry Torch OS

  It appear the Blackberry Torch has just received another leaked OS! Are you going to update your Torch to As always, make sure you have a good, current backup of your device before you upgrade. This leak came from orleff  over at CB. Download OS Feel free to share your findings here […]

AT&T: “Pleased with Torch Sales So Far?”

That’s the latest words from AT&T after Elecronista published that Fred Devereux, President of Wireless Operations in the US West, said that sales of the BlackBerry Torch were disappointing. Devereux also said he was “surprised there hasn’t been a faster adoption” of the phone which he thought was the best-ever BlackBerry to date.  He didn’t […]

Available from AT&T:PrimeTime2Go on the BlackBerry Torch 9800

    PrimeTime2Go from QuickPlay Media is now available on your Blackberry Torch. PrimeTime2Go is an app that allows you to watch  TV shows on you phone. The service is only available on certain BlackBerry smartphones with Wi-Fi. The costs is $9.99 per month, PrimeTime2Go offers 60+ primetime shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, MTVN and alot […]

PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Updated to Version 2.0 w/ OS6 Support

This update includes the most anticipated change, BlackBerry Operating System 6 support. Some of the PrivacyStar features are Unlimited Caller ID, Unlimited Call Blocking and Complaint Filing. With new features to include, SmartBlock & Do Not Disturb SMS responses. PrivacyStar offers the first Caller ID feature allowing you to find the name for any number […]

O2 To Launch The Torch 9800 In October??

With all the rumors regarding the UK launch of the Torch 9800, there really hadn’t been much discussed for carrier O2. Well it appears today that a photo has leaked showing an October launch, dependent on the carrier’s approval of the device. I’m sure that O2 will approve the Torch and try to get it […]

Poynt for BlackBerry Updated to 1.6!

Poynt for BlackBerry has been updated to 1.6. This update includes support for BlackBerry 6 and supports the Torch 9800. The update takes advantages of BlackBerry 6 to make Poynt even better. Here is some of the changes in version 1.6. • Unified Search integration on 6.0 • Context Menu enhancements on 6.0 • Map Route with […]

Leaked OS v6.0.0.214 For The Torch 9800

For all you Torch owners out there we have a nice little Labor Day present for you.  OS version has leaked and will hopefully include fixes for all the bugs and glitches that we in the last leaked OS,   I have not had the chance to load this new OS yet, but […]