BlackBerry CEO John Chen continues the turnaround with more job cuts

BlackBerry CEO John Chen continues to check the budget during this tough turnaround he is faced with. During this turnaround some empolyees will be faced with layoffs as BlackBerry moves forward in tightening up their finances. In a statement, spokeswoman Kara Yi: “As BlackBerry moves into the next stage of its turnaround, we remain focused […]

BlackBerry CEO John Chen raises BlackBerry turnaround odds to 99%

Right after BlackBerry’s Q3 fiscal 2015 earnings call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen had some time to sit down with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang to talk som shop. This interview turned out to be really interesting, what was most interesting is the fact Mr. Chen increased his odds of turning around BlackBerry to 99%! Chen is fully […]

The Keys to Executing a Turnaround the Right Way

It is no secret that when BlackBerry CEO John Chen joined the ranks at BlackBerry, BlackBerry was in a majorly bad place in the telecom market. It was about one year ago Chen stepped up to the plate and now look at BlackBerry. There were a ton of people out in the US market saying […]

RIM Investor Believes RIM Will Take A While To Show A Turnaround

Prem Watsa, RIM’s 3rd largest investor thinks that it will take 3 to 5 years to rebound from their recent losses. He spoke at a meeting today Fairfax Financial Holdings’ annual meeting.