Twitter for BlackBerry v2.0 Now Available in the BlackBerry App World!

Twitter for BlackBerry was just v2.0.0.8 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone last week. Today I received an email from RIM letting me know that Twitter for BlackBerry v2.0 will be available in the BlackBerry App World over the next 24 hours. Here is what the email stated along with the full change log: “With Twitter […]


RIM 850 Pager Influenced Jack Dorsey With The Creation Of Twitter!

Our friends over at Gizmodo sat down with Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter and discussed exactly what led to the development of Twitter as we know it today. Here is what Jack had to say about RIM and thier part in the development. “I loved seeing at a glance my friends status updates. But […]

Twitter for BlackBerry updated to v2.0.0.8 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Yup T4BB has been updated to v2.0.0.8 What’s new in this version? Redesigned Nav Bar The Nav Bar has a whole new look with simplified icons that provide a cleaner layout and a more familiar Twitter experience. With a single click, you can quickly access your Home Timeline, @Mentions, Messages, Lists, perform a search from […]

Happy Birthday To One Of The Nerdberry Team!!!!

We here at Nerdberry take Birthday celebrations quite seriously.  There must be cake and if we don’t get the presents we want…. well we sulk until the problem is fixed.  All joking aside myself and the rest of the team would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our fearless leader, and co-founder Mr. […]

Twitter for BlackBerry v2.0 Hits the BlackBerry Beta Zone

What’s New? Looking to find out what’s new in the latest version of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 2.0? Look no further! Redesigned Nav Bar The Nav Bar has a whole new look with simplified icons that provide a cleaner layout and a more familiar Twitter experience. With a single click, you can quickly access your […]

HootSuite for BlackBerry has been updated to v0.6.31

HootSuite has been updated to v0.6.31. The last update was back in Febuary HootSuite for BlackBerry Updated to v0.6.15. HootSuite for BlackBerry® is a FREE app that helps you spread messages, monitor conversations, and track results — all from your handset. Compose and converse on the go with HootSuite for BlackBerry®. Simple, elegant and powerful, […]

Blackberry Bold 9900 headed to Virgin Mobile Canada

A twitter update from Virgin Mobile Canada said “phone news! we’ll be adding the new @blackberry bold 9900 smartphone to our line-up. stay tuned for details… ^je” The twitter profile can be found here. Are you excited for this? Post your responses below. Source

Tweetolio free for the Blackberry PlayBook

Here we go, another Twitter app for the Blackberry PlayBook. Apparently this one actually works, but is it good? From Blackberry App World: Using tweetolio lets you save and organize tweets so you can search through them later. Using your Dropbox account along with your Twitter account, tweetolio will let you save tweets with important […]

Jam3 launches Tweedless App for Blackberry Playbook

  I am sure as I am typing this there are going to be many Twitter apps in development for the Blackberry Playbook (more options, duh!) but whether or not they will be quality apps remains to be seen. Jam3 has created Tweedless (I first read this as Threadless actually) and its primary function is […]

Twitter Has Major Security Issue – Confirmed Mobile Apps Affected – UberSocial, Twitdroyd, Issimo, T4BB and Twitter for Android!

  This morning when I got up, I grabbed my BlackBerry and went to Twitter using UberSocial. Then I noticed I had a mention come across on Twitter for BlackBerry and Issimo for BlackBerry. I thought for a minute, didn’t I change my password last night? I did! So the post I did last night […]

Ubersocial Has a Major Security Flaw!?! @UberSoc Feedback Please!

  So I was talking to @friendlySmoker today and he was telling me he believes UberSocial has a major security flaw. Here is the jest of the issue. Let’s say you lose your BlackBerry (that pains me to say that) and you have UberSocial running on it. You get home and change your password on […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Haiku Twitter Contest Starts Today – 20 Free PlayBooks Up For Grabs!!!

RIM is offring up 20 BlackBerry PlayBook via Twitter! RIM has posted on their @BlackBerry Twitter account about the PlayBook Haiku contest with two chances to win one of 20 BlackBerry PlayBooks (10 for each set of dates). RIM has loaded the contest with their terms and conditions page. Here are some of the rules:

PlayBook Video Showing

  Here is a video from our friends over at Blackberry Empire showing the PlayBook navigate with ease. Feel free to comment and let us know how many of you are planning on purchasing the PlayBook or if you already have it on preorder.

UberSocial DM Privacy Issue Quickly Addressed!

Early today we told you about UberSocial DM’s can be seen by the public?. UberMedia has now addressed the privacy issue via the above Tweet and UberMedia’s Blog. Earlier today, we were informed by Twitter of an issue in which direct messages sent using the SMS convention “D username” that were greater than 140 characters, […]

UberSocial DM’s can be seen by the public?

So it appears DM’s longer then 140 characters sent through UberSocical can be seen by the public.

CoTweet Enterprise Client for BlackBerry now in App World

CoTweet is a Twitter client that helps companies manage mulitple users on one Twitter account. Now companies can use CoTweet on the go with their BlackBerry. Now to be able to use this feature you must be CoTweet Enterprise Customer with valid application privileges.Check out CoTweet Enterprise in the BlackBerry App World. Source

UberSocial gets updated to v1.180!

  UberSocial is a 3rd party Twitter client. UberSocial formally UberTwitter is one of the best Twitter clients for BlackBerry I have ever used has been updated to v1.180. In this update UberSocial get a number of bug fixes and it will now let protected users send pictures! Grab the update today!  

Ubersocial to roll out an update tomorrow!?!

It looks like Ubersocial will be posting a update tomorrow for some much needed bug fixes!  We are unsure of what OS this update is for so we sent them a tweet asking them. Stay tuned for the update!

Twitter for BlackBerry Beta v1.1.0.17 Change Log and Bug List

Earlier we told you about Twitter for BlackBerry Beta Updated to v1.1.0.17! Now we have the change log for you: The following issues are known for build Callouts for picture and Geolocation are not drawn correctly. Several points are shown, instead of one Time stamp on existing tweets does not update unless new tweets received […]