Twitter for BlackBerry Updated in the Beta Zone to v3.0.0.19

Twitter for BlackBerry (T4BB) has been updated in the Beta Zone to v3.0.0.19. This update only for bug fixes at this time. Hit the break for more!


Lady Gaga – Gaga for BlackBerry?!?

Lady Gaga has posted a mirror picture of her makeup-free face via Twitter. As you can see from the image on this post she is rocking an old school BlackBerry Curve 8520! Which makes me wonder why doesn’t she have a Bold 9900?

HootSuite for BlackBerry Gets Updates to v1.0.2

HootSuite for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.0.2. With HootSuite you can manage multiple social networks on the go with HootSuite for BlackBerry®. Supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts. Update your Twitter feed, check in on foursquare, view your LinkedIn connections, and comment on your friends’ Facebook posts wherever you are.

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a Small Bump Up to v1.1.9

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook has received a small updated to v1.1.9. This update has no change log available at this time but I would almost bet that it is just a couple of bug fixes. Looking for a Twitter experience that makes full use of your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 7-inch screen? Are you the follower […]

Blackjack King is Official Out of Beta and it’s FREE!!

Just the other day we let you know that Magmic had released a beta application called Blackjack King in the BlackBerry App World. Well not long after that article went live the tweeted us to let us Nerds know that Blackjack King would be out of Beta very soon! Magmic just reached out to us […]

UberSocial for BlackBerry Smartphones Updated to v1.350

UberSocial for BlackBerry smartphones has been updated to v1.350! UberSocial has to my all-time favorite Twitter application for any mobile platform! Hit the break for more info!

Twitter for BlackBerry Updated to v3.0.0.16 In the Blackberry Beta Zone

Yesterday we saw the release of Facebook v3.0.0.9 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Today we have another update,this time fro Twitter for BlackBerry in the Beta Zone! hit the break to find out more and to download T4BB.

RIM Reaches a Huge Milestone! – 25 Million Global Fans in Social Media!

RIM has it a very interesting milestone today. They have reached 25 million fans across all our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, the Inside BlackBerry Blogs and other global and regional social networks. Hit the break for more.

How To: Tips on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Messages, Calendar and Contacts

TGIF #TeamBlackBerry! How are  you enjoying your new Blackberry Playbook OS 2.o? If you’re like me you’re loving it, and what better way to help you along than with a few tips to get things done on your Powerful Playbook and save your time to get back to playing Plants vs. Zombies!

Blaq for the PlayBook UpDated to v1.7!

Blaq is one of my most favorite twitter clients for PlayBook! Blaq has been updated to v1.7 in the BlackBerry App World! This update has many new features for PlayBook OS 2.0! hit the break to find out whats new!

Taptu FREE RSS Feed App Brings Awesome Visuals to your Blackberry Playbook

Taptu is a social news feed reader that puts all of the stuff you’re into in one beautiful app. Taptu lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the content from your favorite web sites and blogs via RSS feeds and transforms them into gorgeous visual streams. Or, you can add one of our specially curated streams on a […]

Twitter for BlackBerry (T4BB) Updated to v3.0.0.11 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone – BBM Integration

Twiter for BlackBerry has been updated to version 3.0 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone! Today we saw Facebook updated to version 3.0 in the Beta Zone as well. Hit the break to find out whats new!

Kindle & Twitter Apps Headed to the BlackBerry PlayBook in OS 2.0?

Best Buy Canada has released a product page for the world to see what’s new in BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0! As you can see from the image on this post Best Buy thinks that the PlayBook OS 2.0 will have a Kindle and Twitter application built in. Hit the break for more!

Be Bold Infographic Is Not An Advertising Campaign Y’all!

Ever since the BeBold Team Infographic was launched, there have been a whole lot of negative comments about it. Alot of people just assumed that RIM was using it as a way to advertise. Some people think it’s immature and childish. So because of the fall out, Team Blackberry decided to respond and tell the […]

RIM Creates ‘A Better, Bolder 2012′ Infographic

Hello, #TeamBlackBerry at the USA’s biggest New Year’s Eve party – Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, sponsored by BlackBerry was great! RIM took well over 35,000 users, on Twitter with the hashtag #BeBold and now they have given us a nice infographic:

UberSocial Updated to v1.308!

UberSocial has been updated to v1.308! UberSocal is one of the best Twitter application for BlackBerry!

UberSocial for BlackBerry Updated to v1.304 – With Change Log

UberSocial for BlackBerry has been updated to v1.304! The last update to UberSocial was back on December 12, 2011 to v1.3. he world’s most popular full-featured Twitter app is now available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android phones. UberSocial will keep you up-to-date while you’re on-the-go, offering lightning-fast functionality, curated content, customization options, and a richer, […]

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.1.5

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook just received an update to v1.1.5. Lemma was recently updated to 1.1.2. Looking for a Twitter experience that makes full use of your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 7-inch screen? Are you the follower of hundreds of Twitter users, making your use of Twitter lists mandatory? If you answered yes to either of […]

Checkin to Foursquare and Facebook Automatically With LittleBrother by Emacberry

Do you love using Foursquare, Twitter, and or Facebook check-ins? Isn’t it a little tedious to constantly having to login to check in to the services, to make things easier you can check-in automaticallly with LittleBrother, a location-based service application from emacberry, and the new application update allows you to automatically check in via foursquare and Facebook when you […]

Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been Updated to v1.6

Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v1.6 and includes a slew of changes! The one BlackBerry® Twitter app you simply couldn’t keep your eyes off of is now the first and only Twitter app worth your time and money on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. With a sleek, sexy interface and stunning design, […]