BBM for iOS and Android to get new native UI’s

During today’s Q&A session at BlackBerry’s Security Summit in New York Enterprise Chief John Sims stated that a native UI for BBM is coming to both iOS and Android. As we already know BBM for Windows Phone has a more native UI experience versus BBM for iOS and Android. Currently BBM for iOS and Android […]

‘Signature Action’ coming to BlackBerry 10.3 UI

With BlackBerry in full swing of testing out BlackBerry 10.3, developers should be seeing it sometime in the very near future. With that being said we all know 10.3 will bring some new goodies to us one of those goodies will be in the UI as “Signature Action”. Thanks to  Michael Clewley and his BBM […]

Check out the incoming call screen on OS 10.2.1

With the leak of OS 10.2.1 and the looming update, we are getting glimpses of all kinds of greatness to look forward to in the new OS. One of the changes in OS 10.2.1 is a new incoming call screen which you can take a look at below. In the new OS you will see […]

Small Update In BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World received a minor but noticeable update. If you go to the category section, you will notice that the UI has been changed a bit. When you get to the landing page now, you get some of the apps and then can expand to the other sections. Before apps were shown in a list […]

Devs: BlackBerry has Released Wireframe Prototyping Tools for BlackBerry 10.2 UI

BlackBerry has put together the Wireframe toolset for you to use with your BlackBerry 10 applications so that you UI can have consistantcy with applications already running on BlackBerry 10. With the new Wireframe Design Slides include these handy prototyping slide deckings, which contains all the wireframes you should need to mock up your app: •Blank device frames for […]

BlackBerry 10 UI Breakdown–Rebuilding the User Experience for Next-Gen, Gesture Based OS

BlackBerry 10 represents a complete departure from older BlackBerrys. The company, formerly known as Research In Motion, has completely taken on the brand identity BlackBerry, and has done away with the old company–a symbolic way of putting down the giant that was RIM which brought them from 1984-2013. In term, a reflective way for them […]

Overview of BlackBerry 10 Gesture Navigation vs 9900 Trackpad

Mobile Link This video covers some of the core built in services of BlackBerry 10 like HUB and the Peek and Flow gesture based user interface, along with how navigation feels between the flagship 9900 and Z10 phones, both of which sport a touchscreen display from BlackBerry

More Images of the BlackBerry 10 UI Hit the Interwebs!

We just told you about the images of BlackBerry 10 Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter Apps then we had A Look at BlackBerry 10 Siri-like Voice Command. Now we have some images of the settings, music player, clock, and BlackBerry Hub! The leaked images, video’s and information will continue to roll out as we near the […]

RIM Adds More Screen Shots to Show Off BlackBerry 10 UI Guidelines

RIM has updated their UI guidelines for developers to insure BlackBerry 10 applications have a smooth look and feel.Just thumbing through these images I must say I need BlackBerry 10 NOW! We can’t wait to see what the final product will look like.

A Glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 Facebook App

As you can see from the newly leaked BlackBerry 10 slides below show off the Share UI. The Share UI is what you will see when you want to share a picture, web page, or other object to Facebook, BBM, Picasa, DropBox, and much more.

RIM Webinar: Astonishing UIs using the New Blackberry 10 Framework! Register Now

If you miss the Blackberry 10 Jam Event in May in Orlando you missed out on some great Cascades presentations, well your in luck on June 19th RIM is hosting a webinar which will help give you an understanding of Cascades and provide you with the information needed to get started developing using the new SDK: Astonishing UIs using […]

New BlackBerry 10 screenshots provide a better example of what is coming

When BlackBerry 10 was first shown off at BlackBerry World we were left with some questions of how exactly the user interface was going to end up looking.  Vivek Bhardwaj left us wanting more and more from his very quick demo on stage beside Thorsten Heins, and that 4 “card” home screen was a little puzzling. […]

Cascades: Out Of Box Experience, RIM Showcases Cascade UI Elements

RIM showcased their Cascades UI at Blackberry Jam 10 on Tuesday. They showed off a neat feature from the homescreen that is built on tiles, you can switch between apps with a slick shrinking/growing animation. Check out the preview of Cascades in the following pictures. hit the break for a ton of pictures!

inPulse App Gets An Update To v3.6.7

inPulse was updated recently and it included support for OS 7 devices but the update wasn’t so smooth. Well Allerta, the team behind inPulse has gone ahead and fixed the problem. What’s the changelog? Updated Dec 13: New getting-started wizard, better connection code, UI tweaks Finally, working support for OS 7! Tested on BB 9900 […]

TimmyMe- Tim Horton’s App Gets An Update

TimmyMe the Tim Horton’s app got an update. And it’s a big one. It’s a completely overhauled UI. Along with a nicer color scheme, they’ve added features. Find a restaurant, Tim Card balance check, nutrition info and more!