Virgin Media UK adds the BlackBerry Q5 to their line up

People in the UK are very happy now, Virgin Media in the UK has added the BlackBerry Q5 to their line up of devices. The BlackBerry Q5 can be picked up on bothe a one year and a two year deal, the two year offers you a better deal. Pricing starts out at £25 per […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Bold 9000 from Vodafone UK

BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1849 (All Languages) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 8520wifiAllLang_PBr5.0.0_rel1849_PL5.2.0.115_A5.0.0.1113_Vodafone_UK.exe File size: 154.27MB Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld. Download OS for BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Bold 9000 from Vodafone UK Thanks Indra for […]

White BlackBerry Q5 now available from EE

As we here in the US watch the global roll out of the BlackBerry Q5 we started asking ourselves where is the all white Q5. Well we no longer have to ask that question, as EE has exclusively launched it. You will be able to pick up the white Q5 on both T-Moble UK and […]

The UK Likes BBM The Most

Acision the global messaging leader research specialists, did sms messaging research for both the UK and the USA. They found that the UK preferred BBM to all other messaging platforms. While BBM is preferred in the UK, in the US it didn’t fair as well because SMS is the favored one. What Acision said in […]

BlackBerry Q5 SIM free version set to hit the UK early

Well here is an interesting tidbit of news coming from James over at CB. According to James the BlackBerry Q5 will be arriving at Clove in the UK on Monday July 1st. July 1st is a bit sooner then we all expected to see the SIM free version launch in the UK. Also pricing is supposed […]

Is BlackBerry 10 doing well in Canada, the UK and South Africa?

We are quickly approaching the Q1 earnings from BlackBerry on June 28th, and we are expecting to see some good numbers for BlackBerry 10 sales.  There have been the usual critics that don’t believe that the Z10 and Q10 are doing that well, however there have been some good reports coming from Canada the UK […]

BlackBerry UK Managing Director Rob Orr Resigns

Last year was plagued with people leaving BlackBerry. It finally seemed to stop, but unfortunately, we have another casualty. Rob Orr was BlackBerry UK and Ireland’s Managing Director. He had actually only started in Sept 2012, and had a huge hand in Z10, Q10 and BlackBerry 10. There is no word on why he is […]

SIM Free BlackBerry Q5 Will Run £349.98 in the UK

The SIM Free BlackBerry Q5 is said to run £349.98 in the UK, this according to an email CB received from The BlackBerry Q5 is about £200 cheaper then the BlackBerry Q10 ans is supposed to arrive this summer rocking GSM Quad Band 850/1800/1900/2100 4G & LTE. Specifications System: GSM Quad Band 850/1800/1900/2100 4G […]

EE UK opens pre-registration for the BlackBerry Q5

Pre-registration webpages seem to be the new thing when it comes to a device launch. Carriers use these micro webpages to inform consumers when a particular device is available. Well EE in the UK has launched the BlackBerry Q5 Pre-registration webpage. Here is what the pre-registration page has to say: Want to be the first […]

UK carrier EE offering 30 day rolling SIM only contracts

If you are in the UK and have been looking for a good deal on your carrier billing, you may want to take a look at EE.  Today EE has announced their new 30 day rolling SIM only contracts.  For those of you using a Z10 or Q10, EE is most likely your carrier of […]

Get the BlackBerry Z10 for Free to £249.99 from O2 in the UK

O2 in the UK is offering a heck of a deal on the BlackBerry Z10 in both white or black. You can pick up the BlackBerry Z10 for free to £249.99 on their special “Flash Sale” that they are currently holding. Untill June 5th 2013 you will be able to pick up the BlackBerry Z10 […]

Pre-Registration for the BlackBerry Q5 now open at Carphone Warehouse

If you are interested in picking up a stellar BlackBerry 10 device and you are in the UK you may want to consider the BlackBerry Q5. Carphone Warehouse has opened pre-registration in the Q5 and is said to be available in July. The Q5 offers 3.1″ touchscreen, 5MP camera, full QWERTY keyboard 1.2Hz dual core […]

BlackBerry UK Twitter offering a chance to win a Z10 or Q10

The following question has been eating at many people over the years, what device do I type faster on full touch or QWERTY??? Well it looks like BlackBerry UK Twitter account is trying to answer that lone question with a contest! If you hit the link below you will land on a webpage that will […]

BlackBerry Q10 Has Been Selling Extremely Well in Canada

Earlier this week Thorsten Heins sat down with Bloomberg and was quoted that the Q10 was expected to sell “tens of millions” and that he has “quite some expectations” for its success in the future. Well it turns out that after several “store checks” and recent sales on, the “BlackBerry Q10 has been selling extremely well and has been sold out or seeing limited availability” […]

Carphone Warehouse Selfridges sells out of BlackBerry Q10’s in 90 minutes

There was no doubt that the BlackBerry Q10 was going to be a hit with traditional BlackBerry fans, but it seems that people are going crazy over it.  According to early reports Carphone Warehouse Selfridges in the UK sold out of 2000 Q10’s in only 90 minutes today.  Now there are a few caveats before […]

Carphone Warehouse goes live with their BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders in the UK

If you are in the UK and have been waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for the BlackBerry Q10 to get released that time is very near.  Today you can now pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 from Carphone Warehouse, and the device is expected to be releases sometime around the end of April.

BlackBerry Q10 will be Available on April 26th in the UK

If you are still wondering when you will be able to get your hands on the BlackBerry Q10, folks in the UK will be able to get it on April 26th. The full QWERTY/Touchscreen BlackBerry will be the fist of its kind running BlackBerry 10.  Both SIM-Less carriers Clove and Unlocked-Mobiles are said to launch at […]

Win Tickets to the Game of Thrones UK Screening of Season 3

BlackBerry UK conjunction with Sky Atlantic is offering a chance to win tickets to a screening of Game of Thrones Season 3. During today BlackBerry UK will be posting questions on Twitter in regards to Game of Thrones and all you need to do is reply with the correct answer. As a reminder this contest […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Curve 9360 OS from O2 UK

Software Name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2301 (All Languages) File Name: 9360jAllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel2301_PL9.6.0.124_A7.1.0.821_O2_UK.exe Download Size: 270 MB Language: English Published Date: 03/13/2013

BlackBerry Z10 OS Rolling Out to O2 UK Users

As you can see from the above screenshot OS is rolling out to O2 UK BlackBerry Z10 owners. This OS is the highest we have seen the last round of OS updates was to version, this OS brought lots of improvements including much better battery life.