Blackberry 10 To Launch On Jan 2?

The official report isn’t from RIM but rather Gitex Shopper. They are saying that the date of launch will be January 2. That would be earlier than originally reported which was late January or February. What Gitex Shopper had to say: “However, if the BlackBerry 10 models are launching on January 2, 2013, UAE residents […]


Leaked Internal Slides Show Possible Upcoming BES 10 May 2013

Lately all the talk has been focused on BB10. Now these slides show that RIM has a plan to launch BES 10 May 2013. Blackberry World is usually around the same time so maybe it will launch at the showcase. hit the break for more photos

Staples Selling 16gb PlayBook For What Works Out To Be $199 During The Back-At-School Offer

Unconfirmed reports are saying that you can go to Staples and using their one-time-use $150 off Staples (select people are being sent the coupon) store coupon plus the $100 gift card promotion AND the $50 off current sale price ($449) of the Playbook, works out to $199. You get all that?

Will Telus Mobility Subscribers Be Able to Get Their Hands On Blackberry Bold 9900 On August 15th?

Although unconfirmed by Telus, rumor has it that the Blackberry Bold 9900 will be launching in less than two weeks. August 15th is the expected date. Great news for Telus subscribers if this turns out to be true. Source