BlackBerry 10.2 offically set to be released in October – Up to the carriers when it actually releases

BlackBerry is continuing to roll out more information on the BlackBerry Z30 and more importantly BlackBerry 10.2. During the announcement of the BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry also stated the BlackBerry 10.2 will be officially released in October for the Blackberry Z10, Q10 and Q5. The release will still depend on the carriers and when they want […]


BlackBerry Q10 & Z10 Unlock Codes Now On Sale For Only $30!!!

Unleash the power of your BlackBerry Q10/Z10 by unlocking it and being able to use it on just about any GSM carrier you’re heart desires! Our unlock codes are generated so that you have no problems what so ever with them. The entire process takes about 60 seconds to order your unlock from us. We […]

Unchain your Berry! – Unlock Codes Starting at $9.95

Tired of your wireless carrier? Traveling Abroad and don’t want to pay outrageous international fees?  Want to switch to a new carrier, but you don’t want to buy a new BlackBerry? Why not unlock your BlackBerry to use it on another network? We offer unlock codes for all the major carriers from T-Mobile to Sprint! […]

Free Drag Lock App – Slide down to unlock your phone

Tired of all same looking slide locks? Try something different! Drag Lock is the new easier way for locking / unlocking your phone. Quick. Smooth. Elegant. Eliminates the cases of accidental screen or key presses! No more unwanted phone calls or battery drain because of WiFi or GPS turned on by mistake!

SpeedLock – Multi Unlock By Boardwalk Mobile Now In App World!

Be sure and check out SpeedLock – Multi Unlock By Boardwalk Mobile, SpeedLock is a great way to lock your device and not have to worry about accidentally opening an app, pocket dialing people and so on. SpeedLock is super convenient, and clean solution to lock and unlock your device. A quick screen tap and […]

Video: Unlocking BlackBerry Bold 9900 From Rogers Wireless

Mobile Link Here is a cool video showing a Rogers branded BlackBerry Bold 9900 getting unlocked for use on any GSM carrier. I have dealt with Cellfservices in the past unlocking an old BlackBerry 8320 and I must say it was a pleasant experience. Also they were the first to post the follow unlocking video […]

Unlock Your BlackBerry in 60 Seconds or Less by Using the NerdBerry Unlock Store

NerdBerry is happy to announce our new BlackBerry unlock code service sponsored by BlackBerryUnlocking.US! Unlock codes are INSTANTLY generated after successful payment has been made. The entire process takes about 60 seconds. The price of each unlock code is $10-$12, depending on your model. If you need support, please CLICK HERE. If you’re looking for […]

Tmobile stopping service for unlocked Storm devices?

Users of unlocked Blackberry Storm 9500/30 devices are reporting that  Tmobile  is stopping their data services. Tmobile does not carry the Storm devices, but you can use an your unlocked Blackberry Storm with a little tweaking.   Most users are reporting that they are getting no data service and when calling customer service about the problem, […]