T-Mobile says bring your Unlocked BlackBerry to our network

T-Mobile and BlackBerry have mended their business relationship so much that T-Mobile want you to bring your unlocked BlackBerry device to their network. For this to work there are a few qualifying restrictions like the device must be unlocked and be a compatible device. You must have a qualifying plan with SIM card. You can learn […]

Now Available in the US, the BlackBerry Q5

BlackBerry is on fire today as the have already launched the BlackBerry Z30 unlocked GSM version here in the states, now they have released the BlackBerry Q5 also unlocked GSM for use here in the USA. You can now pick up the black, white, pink, or red model for just $349.00 each! Head on over […]

Best Buy US is selling the BlackBerry Q5 unlocked for just $499

In a very interesting turn of events the BlackBerry Q5 is now available in the USA, thanks to Best Buy. The BlackBerry Q5 is unlocked and retails for $499. Now this is only the GSM version so no Q5 for Verizon or Sprint at this time. You can order the BlackBerry Q5 from Bust Buy’s […]

Leaked: “Unlocked” BlackBerry 10 Runtime

Finally! The Rock has come back…wait wrong post! Finally the BlackBerry 10 has come back with a unlocked runtime! Ok that sounds better, the BerryLeaks team from CB forums has given what we have all been waiting for. An Android Runtime 4.1.2 that is unlocked, meaning NO DEBUG TOKENS!!! Yes you heard correctly sideload the following […]

Sprint BlackBerry Q10 rumored to be unlocked when released

We have seen quite a bit of news and rumors come out from #BEF13 this week.  Today is there is a new rumor regarding the Sprint BlackBerry Q10.  According to a carrier rep the sprint version fo the Q10 will be shipping to customers unlocked.

Unchain your Berry! – Unlock Codes Starting at $9.95

Tired of your wireless carrier? Traveling Abroad and don’t want to pay outrageous international fees?  Want to switch to a new carrier, but you don’t want to buy a new BlackBerry? Why not unlock your BlackBerry to use it on another network? We offer unlock codes for all the major carriers from T-Mobile to Sprint! […]