BlackBerry Z30 Supports USB Host

Well this is terrific news for people like me that want to be able to access a flash drive right from my BlackBerry. In the past I was able to do this using a rooted android tablet and a Micro USB to standard USB cable, at this time you can only do this on your […]

Blackberry 10 USB And Bluetooth Extensibility Accessories Session At Blackberry 10 Jam

RIM will be having a session on how accessories can connect over USB or Bluetooth on Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 USB and accessories have been mentioned before but now it is becoming a reality. Some things they will talk about: Learn about the USB APIs for BlackBerry 10 Discover Bluetooth APIs for BlackBerry 10 Offer […]

How To: Connect A USB Drive to the PlayBook – (BlackBerry PlayBook USB Host)

We now have the step by step guide on how to build ans set up  the BlackBerry PlayBook USB Host thanks to elTecnoBlog. As yopu may or may not remember you can check out Video: USB Host Running on a Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook! Hit the break to learn more!

Video: USB Host Running on a Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook!

Well, Well, Well elTecnoBlog made a video showing USB host running on his rooted BlackBerry PlayBook. We knew great things were to come from having a rooted BlackBerry PlayBook, This is one of those things. Hit the break for the video!