BlackBerry 10 Jam Tour Registration Opens More Spots and Joins the International Startup Festival in Montreal

Nerd fans if you have yet to register for your spot for BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Montreal, well youre in luck a few more spots just opened up for the  BlackBerry 10 Jam Montreal tour stop also now in conjunction with The International Startup Festival; an event beginning the evening of July 11 until July 13, all about […]

Mike Kirkup and Brett Shellhammer head leadership team VeloCity

Mike Kirkup, former RIM Director of Global Developer Relations, will become VeloCity’s new director along with Brett Shellhammer. VeloCity is a program within the University of Waterloo, a student startup incubator, Mike Kirkup former RIM developer relations will be VeloCity’s new Director and Brett Shellhammer with Silicon Valley experience to the role of Executive In Residence. Hit the jump […]