WorldDesk For Blackberry, Have Your Desktop With You All The Time + Video

WorldDesk for Blackberry is the latest cloud storage platform (via Dropbox) available. To sum it up, you can take your desktop anywhere you go and access your files via your phone. It’s currently in Beta testing, but you get to try it out free for 90 days! Hit the break for the video and press […]

Verizon 4G LTE Network Gets Mocked By SNL

This past Saturday, SNL (Saturday Night Live) took on Verizon. Making fun of their 4G LTE network. To sum it up for you, they basically say that it’s a complicated mess and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Video: Rogers Introduces the Rogers One Number, Voice, Video Chat and SMS from your PC

Rogers has launched the all new Rogers One Number service that allows you to talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number and best of all the new service is FREE!!!

Download Videos to MP3 with YouTube2MP3 for BlackBerry Smartphones!

YouTube2MP3 allows you to convert your favorite YouTube clips to MP3 downloaded directly in your phone for personal use. You can select Device Memory or save directly to your Memory Card in any desired location you choose!

How Tough is Your BlackBerry Device? – Videos: BlackBerry Smartphone Durability Testing

RIM has put together some really cool videos showing just how tough BlackBerry devices are. There are currently three video’s below hit the break to check them out!

PlayBook Makes a Cameo in the Movie 7500!

The BlackBerry PlayBook has made a cameo in the movie 7500. IMDB states “Passengers aboard a flight across the Pacific Ocean encounter a supernatural force. ”  Hit the break for the trailer!

Singapore bloggers dressed up phones in style at BlackBerry Singapore’s exclusive meet up

Your favourite bloggers were invited to BlackBerry Singapore’s exclusive meet up at the Alley Bar where they had the opportunity to personalise their BlackBerry smartphones courtesy of gadget skin wrap service, GMask, with beautiful crystals and colourful stickers! Check out Estelle Kiora’ snazzy BlackBerry phone decked out with gorgeous Swarovski crystals and how it’s personalised […]

Four New Videos From BlackBerry!

RIM has post four new video’s on their BlackBerry YouTube channel and we thought you would like to check them out! The videos are titled Keeping families connected with BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry Roxy Lifestyle Store Opening, ‘Go BBM’ BlackBerry Plan from Vodafone India, Bollywood Hungama on the BlackBerry PlayBook . Hit the break and check […]

CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo shows appreciation for RIM, reminds us all there is more to the company than just smartphones

A lot of people think that RIM is scrambling to cover their losses and recover from their recent downfall in the mobile world.  Recently they appointed a new CEO for the company as a starting point on the road to recovery.  One thing that people forget is what companies do other than what they are […]

Polar Mobile Raises $6 Million For Their MediaEverywhere Product Line

Polar Mobile has just announced that they have received $6 Million in funding for their MediaEverywhere Product line. They got the funding from Georgian Partners on top of $3 Million that was already invested by private partners. Hit the break for a video on the MediaEverywhere product

Play Flash Video Files (.FLV) On Your Blackberry PlayBook with MovieFlvPlayer, or Flash Video Player

One of the great an amazing things about the Blackberry Playbook that those of its iDevice cousins is the amazing ability to use and watch flash or flash video websites! There is even was to download a few of these flash videos for you to watch offline and save them on your Playbook. Natively the […]

Video: #BBMUglySweater Fan Night in New York City

RIM has posted the video below on their YouTube channel showcasing the #BBMUglySweater Fan Night in New York City! Hit the break for the video!

Video: McCain Canada Hands PlayBooks to Their Saleforce

McCain Canada has handed out BlackBerry PlayBook’s to their salesforce running their custom application on the device. The application will make selling their products a lot easier! Hit the break to check out the video!

Video: The QNX Secret to Making Hands-free Noise-free

QNX software systems has posted an interested video highlighting noise cancellation technology in cars. Why do millions of hands-free systems rely on the QNX Acoustic Processing Suite? To answer this question, we decided to employ a few teaching aids – a marching band, a rock guitarist, and an electric fan with a really long extension […]

FREE App: Rock File Manager By Rock Soft

Rock Soft has released Rock File Manager for BlackBerry smartphones. Rock File Manager, really cool and powerful tool allows you manage your documents, photos, music and every kind of files happily, with zip rar compress and extract function, quick search function, COD install function, favorites function and even more! Hit the break for a demo […]

Alec Saunders Does An Interview About Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 is still not happening for a while but Alec Saunders sat down and talked to about that and more. Some points they talked about: First-class apps on BB10 will be based on C, C++, and HTML5 RIM’s message core message for BB10 is that you can develop for it right now by […]

BlackBerry Messenger Philippines: First in On the Action

Experience BlackBerry Messenger. Unlimited BBM™ Messaging, photo sharing and group chats anytime anywhere with BBM instant messaging app. More on BBM and its service plans from as low as P99 at

What happened in Vegas: BlackBerry at CES 2012

You know that old saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? Well apparently RIM has not heard this saying before… Just kidding they put together a cool summary video of what happened in Vegas. Hit the break for the video!

Video: Cut The Rope Featured On The Playbook At CES

Cut The Rope game for the Playbook was shown at CES briefly. Zepto Lab’s has already released it for Android and iOS and now you can have it on your Playbook. hit the break for the video!

BBM Challenge Winners Announced via YouTube!

Just the other day RIM announced their BBM Challenge winners. We here at NerdBerry have put together all of the videos announcing the winners. Hit the break to check out the video’s!