Personalize your Tablet: BlackBerry PlayBook – How To Demo (Official Demo Video)

(Official BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Demo) Learn how to customize your BlackBerry Playbook. The demo will show you how to set your home screen wallpaper, move or hide apps, change settings, and much more.


Video: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express wirelessly synchronizes your in-house Microsoft® Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino® email and personal information management features (like tasks, notes and calendar) with BlackBerry® smartphones. And best of all, at a price you can afford…it’s free.

Video: Funny BlackBerry – BlackOut

I love a good funny video this one comes in to poke fun at the  Blackberry Outage fiasco awhile back . It is hilarious, but note there is some language so viewer digression advised. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments! Hit the break for the video!

Video:Blackberry Playbook Moon Project Preview 3D Model Of Space Vehicle

It’s been a while since the moon project has been mentioned. To recap, the group has plans to take the Playbook to the moon via a space vehicle controlled by the Playbook. Hit the break for the video!

Video: The BlackBerry PlayBook Shown in Jennifer Lopez Dances for Marc Anthony in Q’Viva

The BlackBerry PlayBook gets shown off in  Jennifer Lopez Dances for Marc Anthony in Q’Viva: The Chosen Trailer. We all know how much JLo loves her BlackBerry products!

Plane Runs On Solar Energy Without Fuel And Uses QNX For Control and Data Management Functions

Solar Impulse is the first plane to operate without fuel, on solar power, day or night. For the time being, it can only carry one passenger, but I think it is a promising invention that they can fly a plane on no fuel. hit the break for a video!

Video: Mark Ruiz of Hapinoy – Helping build the community with BlackBerry Bold 9900

Co-founder and Managing Director of MicroVentures Inc., Mark Ruiz, shares how he is able to accomplish his day-to-day tasks for their flagship program Hapinoy with the help of the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Hit the break for the video!

Video:BlackBerry Management Center – Free, easy to use, web-base

The BlackBerry® Management Center is a free, web-based service for small and medium sized businesses that need a simple and more efficient way to manage and protect BlackBerry® smartphones remotely. It’s designed for use with hosted email providers and can support both company and employee owned devices. The intuitive interface requires little or no technical […]

Video Collection Of Blackberry DevCon Asia 2011

Check out this extensive collection of videos from Blackberry DevCon Asia 2011. With topics ranging from Blackberry Jam to games on the Playbook, DevCon was really didn’t miss a thing! hit the break for the videos

Video: Android Market, Android Native Email and Google Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Check out this video showing the Android Market, Android Native Email and Google Apps on the Playbook. hit the break for the video!

Video: Philippine Blackberry Developer Group Until For First Major Technical Session

Watch as the Philippine Blackberry Developer Group get together for their first major technical session. Hit the break for the video!

Video:How to Protect Your Milk from Aliens (Or, Rapid Prototyping with the BlackBerry PlayBook)

I guess Aliens love to steal milk in Sweden? Check out this humorous video, they explain how it works. A clever way to use the Playbook hands down! Hit the break for the video!

Video: Dress Up Your BBM™ Avatar With An Ugly Holiday Sweater!

I can never find a real ugly Christmas sweater, so I will settle for one on my avatar. Check out the video after the break!

BBM Hero Thailand: Bangkok Bicycle Campaign

We just saw a great commercial from RIM which shows how powerful BBM is when communicating with others to meet up for a bike rally. Hit the break for the video!

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Consumer Event held in Indonesia on November 25th

Last week the last of the os7 devices were announced by RIM, and it looks  like another consumer event for these devices will be held in Indonesia on the 25th of December.

Word Farm Released for BlackBerry – Get Your Word Search On

Epic Applications just released thier newest game to app world called Word Farm.  This game is similar to WordMole with a few changes. The basic premise of the game is to find as many words as possible before the sun goes  down. More information after the break…

Video: BlackBerry Tag Gets Demoed!

IntoMobile was able to snag a three minute video of RIM demoing their up and coming BlackBerry Tag application using NFC. BlackBerry Tag will enable a ton of features utilizing the NFC capable BlackBerry smartphones. With BlackBerry Tag you will be able to

Simple Mobile Sim Revolution

Simple Mobile is a new provider that has just hit the scene. Here is an introduction video that outlines what they offer.

Viber Coming Soon to BlackBerry

There is a new app coming to BlackBerry called Viber that allows you to text and call other users for free.  The company tweeted that their software would soon be available for BlackBerry users. 

Video: She Did Me Shady On The BBM!

Poor guy is wronged by his girl using BBM! This is quite the Blackberry song, it gets really catchy at the end. Check out this video made by youdogyouproductions. hit the break for the video!