Video: App Circus Spotlight on BlackBerry from MWC!

Mobile Link The video is quite long at 52 minutes. App Circus, is when developers get on stage to talk about their apps in front of a panel of judges. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this post in the forum of a comment.


Learn How to Flirt with BBM – Video

Mobile Link I am really starting to like where RIM is taking their BlackBerry Messenger videos. In the above video RIM shows us how BlackBerry Messenger fits into the personal lives of men and women looking to talk/flirt with one and other. The video really shows how BlackBerry and BBM are not just for corporations […]

Video: BlackBerry Travel hands on demo

Mobile Link BlackBerry Travel hands on demo with Product Manager Andreas Hofmann at Mobile World Congress 2011, in Barcelona, Spain.

New “Love What You Do” Videos from RIM

Mobile Link Mobile Link Mobile Link Mobile Link

David Heit, VP of Strategy for RIM, Shows off the BlackBerry PlayBook

Mobile Link RIM’s VP of Strategy David Heit, Got together this the guys over at CIO Zone for a hands on demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook. David hits on topics like Blackberry Balance and more. According to the videos the Blackberry PlayBook is set to begin shipping on March 31st!. VPN mode: According to Heit […]

Request an invite to get GetGlue for BlackBerry now in beta

Mobile Link GetGlue for BlackBerry is now in beta. GetGlue is a social network for entertainment. With GetGlue you can check-in, comment, review, and share your thoughts on your favorite TV shows, movies, music, games, and more on Facebook and Twitter! What do you win? Stickers! The stickers are similar to Four Square’s Badges, but […]

New BBM Video: Hairstylist ala

Mobile Link RIM has released another new Blackberry Messenger video last week we saw HellBobs Tattoo in Indonesia, Now RIM has released another new Blackberry Messenger video to their list Hairstylist ala BBM. Indonesia is getting a lot of attention from RIM lately. The newest video shows hairstylist Rikhil Asrani from Mumbai showing how he […]

New BBM Video: HellBobs Tattoo in Indonesia

Mobile Link RIM has released a new BBM video showcasing some tattoo artist’s in Indonesia. The video shows how Bobby and Ucha from HellBobs use BBM to connect with their friends and clients, They use BBM groups you show off there work to clients. It is great seeing RIM do these different video clips showing […]

Video: BlackBerry in Indonesia

Mobile Link RIM played the above video during the BlackBerry DevCon Asia keynote. The video shows just how big BlackBerry and BBM are in Indonesia. I must say this was a really good video for RIM. Source

Video’s From CES 2011 – Take A Tour Of The BlackBerry Booth And More!

  Mobile Link

Video: 3 New BlackBerry PlayBook Commercials

  Mobile Link “From work to play and everything in between, you can take it all—everywhere you go—on the new, ultra- portable BlackBerry® PlayBook.™” With CES 2011 in full swing RIM has Posted 3 new videos of the BlackBerry PlayBook! This morning RIM anounced that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be heading to Sprint this spring. […]

Video: Happy Holiday’s From Virgin Mobile!

  Mobile Link I just came across this video Virgin Mobile Canada/Virgin Mobile on CrackBerry and I found it to be hilarious! ** Caution: Foul Language**  Virgin Mobile has always been on the edge  if you catch my drift. Check out the videos below as well. Please fee free to share your thoughts on this post. Happy […]

Playbook Walkthrough Video from BGR

Mobile Video Link Since the Playbook was announced at DevCon10 we have seen a multitude of videos and pics pop up.  Today The Boy Genius Report posted another video walkthrough that is one of the best so far.  You can really see what the new QNX OS is able to do, and the multitasking blows […]

Rogers posts 17 minute demo video on the BlackBerry PlayBook

  Rogers TabLife TO video: RIM’s David Neale on the New BlackBerry PlayBook and the Tablet Sector from Rogers Buzz on Vimeo. Rogers Redboard, the official Rogers Wireless blog has posted the complete 17:40 demo and interview with RIM’s David Neale, Vice President of Special Projects. The PlayBook demo was filmed at the Rogers Tab […]

Another Video Review Of The Alerta Inpulse Smartphone Watch Hits The Web

Mobile Link For Video The Alerta Inpulse Watch for Blackberry is one of the most anticipated accessories in the works. The watch was announced a while back and has been in a long Beta testing period. Now while the watch is still ready for mass consumption, hopefully we will see it released before the end […]

Commercial:BlackBerry App World – Personal Assistant

Mobile Link BlackBerry App World has appeared in its first commercial featuring the Super App.  Its nice to see RIM step it up and show off App World on a TV spot. What Super apps would you like to see come to the BlackBerry App World? Go Check Out App World Here and as always don’t […]

Commit to the flip – BlackBerry Stlye 9670 Commercial

Mobile Viewing The “Love What You Do” commercials from RIM show how BlackBerrys are the device’s that connect people. The above video showcase the BlackBerry Style 9670. Let us know what you think Please feel free to post a comment on this post.

BBC iPlayer App Is Now Available In Appworld- With Torch Support!

For any of our UK readers there is some good news if you like to keep up to date with all BBC news, etc. Previously there website had streaming video and audio for anyone that wasn’t watching on the tele, well today anyone in the UK with a Blackberry, yes even a Torch, can download […]

Video: BlackBerry App World 2.0

  Mobile Device BlackBerry App World has been is the spotlight for a while now and we came across this promo video of  BlackBerry App World 2.0 on The Berry Fix site they pick up the video from BlackBerry’s official YouTube channel.The video shows off a ton of popular apps and features available in BlackBerry App […]

Video Unboxing Of The Rogers Blackberry Torch 9800

  While I am sure that many of you have watched some of the Torch unboxing videos out there over and over, but most of those were the AT&T version.  While I have a unlocked AT&T Torch that I am using here in Canada, I decided to pick up a Rogers version as well just […]