Chimpact Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Chimpact was only released last year for the PlayBook and now you can get it for BlackBerry 10. Chimp goes through the jungle collecting objects like bananas, medallions and gems. Collecting the bananas adds special abilities. There are 3 different types of games to play, Gem Quest, Totem Trail and Quick Play. hit the break […]


BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Docs To Go – Getting Started: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link With Documents To Go, BlackBerry® 10 devices allow you to stay productive without having to carry a laptop, with a true mobile productivity suite. Update inventory charts in a spreadsheet, make last minute edits to a press release, give stunning presentations or get feedback from a colleague over BBM Video, all without the […]

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: BlackBerry Remember: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Group relevant photos, lists, messages and web links into one place with BlackBerry® Remember — then sync tasks with your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar. Plus, with Documents To Go and Adobe® Reader built in, you can update spreadsheets, documents and presentations on the move.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Using Contacts App: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Your Contacts app on the BlackBerry® Z10 is integrated with social media, and gives the ability to customize ring tones, search, filter and choose what information is included.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Adobe Reader: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Easily view Adobe® PDF files on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Picture Editor: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Use advanced features to edit your pictures and save the revised version on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Insert the SIM Card, Battery & Media Card: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Get started with your new BlackBerry® Z10 by inserting the SIM card and media card, and learn how to remove the battery.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Viewing Pictures: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Enjoy viewing pictures on your BlackBerry® Z10, with slideshow and Play On features, easy sharing and customizable views.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Account Setup: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Add your email and social accounts to your BlackBerry® Z10 and find out how to sync them.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Watching Videos: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Enjoy watching videos on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone. Adjust the video size, use the volume buttons for easy listening and share it.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Video Editor: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Use the video editor on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone to adjust the length of your video, enhance colors and more.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connections: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Connect your new BlackBerry® Z10 to a Wi-Fi® network and enable your Bluetooth® connections.

BlackBerry Keep Moving Project: Alicia Keys Ep. 1

Mobile Link Alicia Keys this time, new BlackBerry Global Creative Director, chimes in with the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project. She is planning to take her BlackBerry Z10 device to create her Keep Moving Project. She’s  collecting photos of her fans in every city she visits this year to create an amazing series of music videos. Follow her […]

BlackBerry Keep Moving – Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales Episode 2

We have already seen the first episode of Neil Gaiman’s BlackBerry Keep Moving project, Calendar of Tales.  Today the second episode of his project has been posted by BlackBerry on the Keep Moving Hub.  This episode focuses on the response that Gaiman got from his Twitter questions, and how his 12 short stories were put together.

A look at the Transform Shell case for the BlackBerry Z10

We have already looked at the Flip Shell case for the BlackBerry Z10, and now we are going to check out the Transform Shell case.  Both of these two cases are OEM accessories and bring their own pros and cons.  In the end a case is a very personal choice, but I would have no […]

BlackBerry Celebrates Sinulog In The Philippines

BlackBerry has continued their Action Starts Here promotion in the Philippines. They held two events in Cebu as part of their campaign to get more people to join BlackBerry. Sinulog is a festival held every year in the Philippines with parades, street dancing, and parties, the event is so huge that it draws people from […]

New Song: BlackBerry 10 Keeps Moving by Lil E AKA @BTBREPRESENTA #BlackBerry10KeepMoving

  Mobile Link  I have known Lil E AKA @BTBREPRESENTA for a long time now. Lil E is a great Texas artist that made a song for BlackBerry titled is “No Sleep till BlackBerry 10“. Lil E just BBMed me to let me know about his latest song about BlackBerry, “BlackBerry 10 Keeps Moving”. Here […]

BlackBerry Keep Moving Project: Neil Gaiman and his “Calendar of Tales”

The BlackBerry Keep Moving Project is now in full swing after the announcement of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10.  The first Keep Moving project is Neil Gaiman’s “Calendar of Tales”, in which he is reaching out to fans via Twitter with his Z10 to ask fans for their ideas and discussing the project.  So […]

A Quick Video Walkthrough of BlackBerry 10

  Mobile Link In this video James takes us through the BlackBerry Z10 OS BlackBerry 10. James covers everything from unlocking the device to the BlackBerry 10 Hub. BlackBerry Hub is your all-in-one information center for e-mail, Facebook, text messages, BBM am much much more. Check out the video and let us know what you […]

Intro to the BlackBerry Z10 [Video]

Mobile Link James and B_ren have been working extremely hard to bring all of us the some great video’s showing off the BlackBerry Z10. In this video James discusses the device itself along with some of its features. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.