A Look at BlackBerry 10 Siri-like Voice Command

Ever since Research In Motion released the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha  we have see and talked about its Siri-like Voice Command feature. Now Tinhte has brought us some awesome screen shots of the application itself. With the voice command you can do a multiple of things such as phone calls, text, schedule events, and much […]


Nuance Communications Buys Vlingo Inc, Creates A $5 Billion “Market Opportunity”

Nuance Communications has acquired Vlingo Inc. Vlingo is the voice to text service app that you can get for your Blackberry smartphone. Nuance is known for their voice commands on Blackberries. So the two together will make some super hybrid voice controlled app! Hit the break for the full press release!

Swype Gets Bought Out By Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications purchased Swype for $102.5 million, and have already paid off $77.5 million of that amount. Nuance is the company behind Blackberry’s voice command features. Swype has created alternative keyboards for the Android and Symbian platforms. Together maybe they can produce a voice command keyboard?