Verizon rumored to be releasing the BlackBerry Z10 on March 28th

We are only days away from  American BlackBerry fans being able to head on down to a store and pick up a BlackBerry Z10.  However we still don’t have concrete launch date from a few of the carriers.  There have been a ton of rumors circulating, but it seems that one date is being heard by […]


Verizon Branded BlackBerry Z10 Makes Appearance

As we approach the launch of BlackBerry 10 we have started to see a lot of leaked images of the BlackBerry Z10 (or whatever the official name ends up  being).  Up until now we really haven’t seen any carrier branded BlackBerry 10 devices, which or course was leaving us wondering how visible the branding would […]

VZ Navigator Updated to v7.0 for Blackberry, Now includes New 3D Cities Navigation!

Mobile Link Verizon has began to push out the new update to VZ Navigator that now allows 3D maps with 3D Cities that gives you a virtual reality view of major cities that do look very cool, along with highway signs to help you navigate your trip even easier! Android users have been able to enjoy this new version of VZ Navigator X […]

Verizon BlackBerry Torch 9850 to launch starting September 8th?

Unlike here in Canada, where every big carrier usually gets every new BlackBerry, the US market has always been specific devices for certain carriers. Well it seems like the new BlackBerry 7 devices from RIM may be a little different. There had been rumors that both T-Mobile and Verizon would be receiving the new Torch […]

Jan 19, 2010: What OS will Verizon Wireless Officially Release?

A lot of speculation now surrounds the topic of which OS will be officially released by Big Red (aka Verizon Wireless). The 19th is supposed to be the date that they are going to be releasing this MR3 update for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. We know there will be an update for sure. The speculation […]

VZW to Flip the 4G Switch in December

Last night during Sunday Night Football,  Big Red aired their new commercial announcing the release of their 4G LTE network.  The ad shows a very excited young man running to his mailbox where he pulls out a package from Verizon. He then takes it inside and opens it . Inside the box is a lightning […]

Big Red Updates Their NFL Mobile, Now OS6 Compatible

Alright, football fans! Verizon has update the already awesome NFL mobile app, available through VZW exclusively. This update brings OS6 compatibility. So, you owners of the Bold 9650 or an unlocked Torch, you can now have the NFL app and track all your teams and rosters, straight from your device. I Love Technology! Big Red […]

Big Red to Hold OS6 Interactive Launch

Have you  been waiting for OS6 to come to your Bold 9650, or Curve 9330 on Verizon? Your wait may be over before you know it. It looks like Big Red is holding an “interactive launch” of Blackberry 6. I’m sure the Software will not be released the same day, but this party indicates that […]

Big Red introduces Phone Trade-In Program

I know, I know. The picture above isn’t portraying a BlackBerry device, but it could. Verizon Wireless has introduced a style program of there own. For those of you who are familiar with Gazelle, this new program will let you trade in any of your old phones (even if they aren’t from VZW) for […]

Official OS for the Curve 8530 from Verizon Wireless

The latest official OS comes to us from Verizon for the BlackBerry Curve 8530.  OS was made ready and available for download now.  No change log is present, but I’m sure it corrects any outstanding bugs and makes things run smoother. Download OS here NOTE: You take full responsibility for loading this OS […]

VZW BlackBerry OS6 Plans for Q4 of 2010

From the folks over at GizmoFusion: Big Red is looking forward to pushing out the new BlackBerry OS6 to not 1, but 3 devices by the end of 2010.  The upcoming Storm2 refresh (no model number yet), the Bold 9650  and the 9330 Curve. The Storm2 refresh will hit drop in November 2010, right inline […]

Big Red Stopped Testing BlackBerry OS6 on the Storm2 9550?

Looks like VZW has stopped testing BlackBerry 6 builds, and will probably wait for Storm2 refresh or a Storm3 is released. Why has testing stopped? The 256MB of RAM is number one, as well as some other factors. It’s sad for current Storm2 users who were hoping to get in on some BlackBerry 6 love.  […]

Verizon Tour 9630 users with problems to get certified like new 9650?

The guys over at BBLeaks are reporting if your a Verizon Wireless customer with a Tour 9630 experiencing problems after updating to OS to, contacting Verizon Wireless Tech Support is your next step.  RIM is trying to correct the bugs in the OS but has not been successful yet.  If Verizon Wireless Tech Support […]