Video Review: Leather Style Wallet Case for BlackBerry Z10

  Today we are taking a look at a very unique case we have yet to take a look at, a wallet style folding case for the BlackBerry Z10. The leather style wallet case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers all around protection for those of you that are pocket carriers out there. The leather style […]

PassWallet: Passbook Mobile Tickets for BlackBerry Smartphones!

One of the include features of the new iOS 6 update is the application PassBook. I know we are BlackBerry site why in the world we begin to talk about iOS? Well that nifty little application that iOS users have been enjoy you know can have the same type of application on your BlackBerry Smartphone with PassWallet. […]

O2 Wallet Can Now Be Used On Blackberry

Subscriber’s of the UK’s O2 Mobile Service provider can now used their phones as a wallet. The wallet uses a linked bank account or prepaid Visa and can transfer up to £500 to another mobile. This service does not yet actually use the NFC chip technology in cellphones. Instead it is a mobile payment app […]

BlackBerry Wallet Gets Updated to v1.2.2.6

BlackBerry Wallet has been updated to v1.2.2.6, at this time there is no change log available. Designed for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Wallet helps make mobile, online purchasing faster and easier. It lets you retrieve information securely stored on your BlackBerry smartphone to help fill in forms with the following:

Key Ring Reward Cards for Blackberry Smartphones- Keeps all your reward cards in one Place

Key Ring is a great application that I have been using on my Blackberry Smartphone for quite some time, it is great at allowing you to have access and possibly  a backup to all of those cards that you keep in your wallet giving you the most attractive bulkiness on one side. I love this application and it has […]

Pouch Wallet App By Launches, Utilizes The NFC Chip In Your Phone, Has Both Visa And Mastercard Support

Store your credit cards in the app (only the last 4 digits) and pick which ones you want to pay with when making a purchase. You can use these at any place that has NFC payment systems.