British & Canadian governments using ‘BADASS’ surveillance program to pry into your smartphone

It seems like everyday now there is even more information coming to light on how governments near and far are running surveillance on people around the world. Today new information has come to light that the Canadian & British governments were utilizing a program titled BADASS, BADASS collects unencrypted date from mobile devices like BlackBerry, Android, […]

BBM for Windows Phone now out of beta!

BlackBerry has just announced via the Inside BlackBerry Blog that they have launched a nice update for BBM for Windows Phone. This update brings BBM out of beta and is now available for all to download and use! This update brings number of bug fixes and performance improvements. Check out the update and let us […]

BBM for Windows Phone Beta Updated

BlackBerry has rolled out their first update to BlackBerry Messenger AKA BBM beta for Windows Phone. This update takes the version to This is a very tiny update considering the launch version was sitting at Currently their is no change log available for this update, so if you see something new feel free […]

BlackBerry Doesn’t Think Windows Phone Is Worthy of BBM

BBM for all has been out for months. The all part is kind inaccurate though because it is still missing for Windows phone. BlackBerry isn’t outright refusing to make it available for Windows though. They’ve always said that if there was a large enough amount of people on the platform, they would develop for it. […]

BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac Updated

BlackBerry has begun rolling out yet another updated to BlackBerry Link software for BlackBerry 10. This update takes the Windows version to and the Mac version to As for what’s new, well the Mac version got a nice UI update other then that there is no telling at this time. If you notice […]

BlackBerry US Market Share Still Ahead Of Windows

The last few days there have been a few rumors that Windows had finally surpassed BlackBerry in the US Market Share. Turns out, it isn’t true. Stats show BlackBerry has 4.4% and Windows has 3.1%. One percent doesn’t seem like a lot, and it isn’t in comparison to the big guys Iphone and Android. But […]

O2 Germany abandons BlackBerry for Windows Phone

A new circulating for a few days on the web and strikes the reputation of Canadian society in the professional world. According to an internal document of the telecommunications company Telefonica (owner operator O2), the latter is set to separate from his fleet of BlackBerry for mobile Nokia Lumia 520 and 925 Windows Phones, which will […]

How To: Setup Contacts & Calendar sync using BlackBerry Link 1.1.1 for Windows

BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac has been updated to version 1.1.1. with it comes changes of finally, the ability allows you to synchronize your local Microsoft Outlook contacts and\or calendar data between your computer and a BlackBerry 10 device running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.1 or later. Note: Using a Mac? An updated version of BlackBerry Link […]

BlackBerry Link Gets An Update For Both Windows And Mac

BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Link, this includes both versions for Windows and Mac. Windows is at v1.1.0.37, Mac at v1.1.0.32. The update is nothing big, just bug fixes. Still important though, since bugs can be a problem.

BlackBerry Link Updates For Window And Mac

BlackBerry Link was updated for Windows and Mac OS users. The versions were updated to v1.0.0.94 on Mac and v1.0.0.76 on Windows respectively. This update fixes the problem that arose from transferring data from a previous BlackBerry smartphone to a new BlackBerry Z10. They have also added in the capability to reload your OS.

BlackBerry Riens in India over iPhone and Samsung in Mobile Market Space!

It seem like things are continuing to be booming for BlackBerry in 2013! Turns out in a hosted brand survey BlackBerry has been ranked overall & seeded 2nd next to Nokia in mobile handset segment!  ”We are really excited at having been able to make an impact on a segment that we clearly identified and worked very […]

RIM may have a fighting chance on AT&T

Everyone has said that RIM’s future is looking slim especially with North American customer/carriers.  This may change if the rumors that are coming out of the AT&T camp are true.

Concept: BlackBerry Smartphone Running Windows Phone 8

One word describes the images in this article “WOW”… Now I mean that in a good way to a point… In the images you will see a concept BlackBerry that is running Windows Phone 8. We know that according to Reuters, the think RIM and Microsoft are in talks for some sort of partnership and […]

Microsoft’s Surface NOT a Threat to Blackberry!

With the release of newly announced tablet from Microsoft in their new “Surface” line of devices, in all of its glory, to become a competitor in the tablet market. RIM steps in to let us know that Microsoft Surface is not a threat to RIM nor will it change the Blackberry Playbook which is slated to receive its Blackberry 10 update later […]

**Updated** – BlackBerry PlayBook Running Windows Phone 7 OS!!??!!

  Mobile Link  *Update: It seems that the prankster that put this video up on Youtube was in fact using a browser based demo to make it appear that his BlackBerry PlayBook was running Windows Phone 7.  The browser based program that performs this function is actually one that was launched by Microsoft themselves.  if you want to check […]

Press Release: RIM in Striking Distance Prior to Blackberry 10 release, Reports comScore

In the news RIM catches a lot of flock, and are downed on when it comes to their sales and the popularity of our beloved Berry in the US markets. Not to be overlook as RIM wins tenfold in international markets. In any event comScore has published the latest data showing that RIM is the 3rd in […]

Telnet/SSH is a native SSH, Telnet, Rlogin Client Updated to v1.2.0.12!

Do you love you Blackberry Playbook, wish there was a way to have an SSH Client on your Playbook? Now you can with SSH Telnet, from Dmytro Mishchenko, and this is one of the best SSH Clients! The new Telnet SSH client for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is based on PuTTY and supports the SSH, Telnet, and Rlogin […]

Access your PC or Files Instantly on your Blackberry Playbook with LAN File Explorer

I love finding one more addition to use my Blackberry Playbook and one of things that I find difficult if I am on the go and I need a certain file or document on my laptop but all I have with me is my Powerful, Portable, Playbook how can I access such files? Well now […]

Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 Beta Available For Download

Ripple Emulator v0.9.1 beta for Windows and Mac is available as a standalone app. You can download it from here.