BlackBerry 10 Preview Coming to Carriers Soon!

We all know that BlackBerry 10 is around the corner and in a recent Bloomberg interview with Thorsten Heins, in this interview Mr. Heins let the world know that he is in fact using a BlackBerry 10 device! With that being said the WSJ is reporting that RIM is gearing up to show of two […]


Are you addicted to your BlackBerry – Need help? – There’s a 12-Step Program for you!

The WSJ just posed this interesting 12-Step Program for people that are addicted to their BlackBerry. I may have to try this program, I wonder how long that would last I love my BlackBerry too much! During meals, do not check email. Do not hide your email habits from family members. If you feel that […]

RIM is looking for Mobile Ad Network

All we can say is its about time RIM Stepped into mobile Ad world! I stumbled upon this article in The Wall Street Journal. Its a very interesting article according to the WSJ RIM has held talks with  Baltimore-based mobile ad network Millennial Media. The talks have stalled over disagreements in the value of Millennial, It […]

Message From RIM CEO Michael Lazaridis: It’s the Web, Deal With It

  This is awesome Mike Lazaridis not holding back! Countries all over are wanting access to RIM’s encrypted data! DENIED!! RIM Under Fire From UAE Over Security Issues UAE to block BlackBerry Services! Indonesia to join countries banning BlackBerry devices Saudi Communications to Block Blackberry Service beginning August 5 “This is about the Internet,” Mr. […]