WordPress V 1.3 Released

WordPress V1.3 release to the Blackberry App World!

WordPress V1.3 offers a ton of new features:

  • Option to load more comments, not just the latest 100
  • Ability to load comments by status (all/spam/pendings)
  • You can now edit the comment details (Author Name/E-mail/URL)
  • Option to manually set the video-size when using VideoPress service
  • A much requested formatting toolbar that allows you to bold text for example
  • A new word count feature is shown on the post/page write screen
  • You can now submit bug reports and feedback from within the app
  • Multiple improvement to how Stats are handled
  • Improvements on the photo resizing options and a new jpeg encoder is now being used


The following languagesare nor supported:

Finnish [Thanks Apuasi]
French [Thanks Yann Nave]
Korean [Thanks Ben K']
Indonesian [Thanks Kate of Pixel Insert]
German [Thanks Frank Wessel]
Portuguese (Portugal) [Thanks José Fontainhas]
Japanese [Thanks Nao]
Spanish [Thanks danivloven]
Colombian Spanish [Thanks Blanca Mancilla]

Source: WordPress