BBM Broadcast Message is a Hoax

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about this broadcast message or you have received it yourself. But if you are still unsure of whether you should re-broadcast to get some new symbols…STOP!!! This is not an official RIM message, by broadcasting it you will not receive more symbols!

If you remember there was another one of these fake about servers being full and you could help fix it by broadcasting the message.

So please remember that RIM would only release things like this as software updates and not through BBM messages. Please remember to always look at your BBM messages and think about it before you re-broadcast something, if it seems a little “fishy” it most likely is.

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  • Sergey

    RIM has to give more control over Broadcast messages or expose any API for devs to create filters.
    I have hundreds of emails today asking if my app Fancy Characters is a virus. And how to remove it.
    Some idiot spreaded it over BBM. And people even do not try to check. How can bestseller app be a virus. :)

  • @marcela_foto