BlackPad to run its own OS? Built by QNX?

We all wondered what RIM had up there sleeves when they acquired  infotainment specialist QNX Software Systems back in April of this year.  Well, it looks like today Bloomberg sheds some light on the mystery.   Three separate sources cited in a report that RIM intends to run software designed by QNX on its upcoming BlackPad device.   Its strange to see RIM opting against running its newly released BlackBerry 6 software on the device.  One source in the report says its due to some legacy code still left in, making it easier to start fresh when building the devices software.  I think it will be very interesting to see how this $200 million investment on QNX will benefit RIM in the long run.  It will certainly be the biggest stray from the BlackBerry’s makers norm.

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Source:  Engadget