RBH iceandfire 8520 v7 Hybrid (.886/

This is my hybrid for the 8520 devices.Uninstall any other OS’s from your computer for a fresh/clean install. Please back up all your data before proceeding.

It is recommended that you start with a fresh install of this hybrid over top of the base OS.
requires leaked or offical base

Run installer
Shrink-a-os would pop-up.
wipe if u want(recommended)
Launch loader from shrink a os or BBSAK.

Includes OS6 files.

Google Maps v4.4.0, UberTwitter v0.98, Twitter for BlackBerry v1.0.0.40, FourSquare v1.9, and Xtreme Labs Speedtest are all included.
-Includes all stock Blackberry games and IM Applications with loader options.
-Includes an option to install the NEW Driphter.com Mobile Launcher!

Device/About Screen/Help Screen
If you want to verify you installed otherwise, go to Options>Applications>Menu>Modules and scroll down to see the .886/ files.

Click here to download:RBH iceandfire 8520 v7 (.886/

NOTE:  Any Hybrid OS is an unofficial RIM  release and is also not supported by your carrier.  You take full responsibility for loading this OS on your phone.  Nerdberry.net nor RB Hybirds will  be held responsible for any damages from loading this on your phone.  Always make sure you have a current backup before proceeding.