RIM Has Not Fully Acquired DataViz – Still Plan to Work on iPhone and Android

DataViz acquired by RIM

The rumor was Research In Motion had acquired DataViz the Docs To Go company. The rumor went on to say that DataViz was stopping development for WebOS and other platforms as well. RIM did officially announce that they had acquired DataViz. However it was just a partial acquisition.

DataViz’s marketing and channel coordinator, Wesley Hamnett, has been quoted as saying:

It is not our practice to disclose details of our business relationships with our partners. That being said, while we did sell some of our assets to RIM, DataViz itself has not been acquired and is still very much in business. We remain committed to many of the platforms that we supported previously including both iPhone and Android. In fact, we will be releasing several new versions of Documents To Go in the coming weeks and you can expect to see other offerings from us in the future as well.”

We are cureious to see what departments RIM acquired from DataViz. Drop us a line here on this post or head over to the NerdBerry forums to share your thoughts…

Source: BB Leaks