Is The Blackberry Storm 9570 Cancelled??? Your Guess Is As Good As Ours!


Well it seems that no one can make up their minds regarding the Storm 3 or 2.5 or whatever you want to call it. While many are saying that the 9570 has been cancelled, there is still evidence that the rumor may not be 100% true. With AT&T having an exclusive on the Torch, one would think that Verizon would like to get a touch Blackberry that supports Blackberry 6. The latest leaked pic shows the 9570 still being active on Cellbrite, which is an internal system used by Verizon for transferring information between devices. Now whether or not this means that the 9570 is still a go, or does it mean that Verizon has not had the chance to remove it from all systems yet??? As with all device rumors only time will tell! Please let us know what you think about the “on again-off again” cancellation of the 9570 by dropping a comment or heading to the Nerdberry forum

Source: BGR