Blackberry Playbook SDK For Adobe AIR And Simulators Now Available For Download

Since the announcement of the Blackberry Playbook at Devcon people have been waiting to see what the capabilities of the tablet will be. Well developers will be happy to know that RIM and Adobe have now made the SDK’s and simulator for Adobe AIR app development available for download (both Windows and Mac versions). Now RIM is calling these both “beta” programs, so please be aware of that if you download them.

Hopefully with the SDK and simulator available App Developers will now begin to see what the possibilities are for them when developing for the Playbook.

Click here to download the Playbook SDK and Simulator

Are you still excited for the Playbook??? Are you going to download the SDK and Simulator??? Please drop us a comment or head over to the Nerdberry Forums and let us know!

Source: Crackberry

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