T-Mobile Adds 200MB Monthly Data Plan

So everyone is jumpin on the tiered data plan bandwangon. First it was Verizon and AT&T catering to the customers that use data once in a blue moon. T-Mo has also added a plan as well.  There are two options for customers.

  • The Web-200 plan: $10 per month with a 2 year aggreement or $15 per month without a contract
  • Unlimited Plan: $30 per month.

Both of these have to be coupled with a voice/messaging plan. In addition to this the Tethering and Wi-Fi sharing plans have become official. This gives you an 5GB(Unlimited) cap before they start to slow you connection for an additional $14.99 a month. I addition to offering the plan they have more than likely blocked the tethering we all love to do with out paying. There is still Tether for BlackBerry, if you are down to use that.

And for that person that has everything in the world; you have a new option as a Holiday gift. T-Mo is offering gift cards!!! So stop by your local store and stock up on them.

Source :BerryReview