The BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Webcast Series With Adobe Q&A

RIM has posted a Q&A for the BlackBerry PlayBook webcast. The webcast was designed to help inform developers and aspiring developers on how to build applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using the Adobe AIR SDK.

Please be sure to swing by the BlackBerry Developers Blog for more info:

Some of the most common questions:

  • What are the SDKs that will be available and when will they be released?
  • Is Flash Builder 4 required to build apps?
  • What types of persistent storage are available on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Summary of the RIM/Adobe webcast:

Week 1

  • Setting up your development environment
  • Creating your first “hello world” Adobe AIR application for the BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Packaging your Adobe AIR application for the BlackBerry PlayBook
  • How to test your applications on the device simulator

Week 2

  • using Flash Builder and Flash Professional to create applications targeting the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Use the Adobe AIR SDK and BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK to create applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Test and Debug your application using Flash Builder and the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator

Week 3

  • Adobe AIR 2.5 device integration APIs
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS device integration APIs
  • Testing and Debugging your application BlackBerry Tablet Simulator

Week 4

  • Creating an application icon for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Building optimized screens for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Learn how to apply skins to your UI controls

Week 5

  • Walkthrough of the BlackBerry App World Submission Process
  • Selling your app on BlackBerry App World and how revenue is paid
  • Overview of the BlackBerry Commercial Services (Advertising and Payment)
  • Best Practices for Global Distribution of your Application