XTop Mobile App is now in beta

XTop Mobile app is now in beta for a 30 day trial. XTop links your Blackberry smartphone to your PC. I am in the process of downloading the beta app now.

With XTop Mobile you get:

  • Get real-time notification of all incoming calls directly on your Laptop / PC so you don’t have to reach for your Smartphone during meetings or while you’re at your desk.
  • View, send and receive emails from the BIS (i.e. hotmail, gmail) and BES accounts on your Smartphone, wherever you are, without having to connect to a 3rd Party Hotspot.
  • Send and receive SMS and PIN chat messages in a chat-like window directly from your Laptop / PC screen.
  • Add, edit and manage your Smartphone contacts directly from your Laptop / PC in real-time.
  • Automatically back-up of all contacts, emails and text messages every time you walk-up to your laptop.

As of right now the app only works via Bluetooth, I hope they get a WiFi version going soon. XTop is only support on Windows. XTop Mobile will launch in Febuary 2011 and will be updated with:

  • Internet anywhere (Full Feature Tethering)
  • New (UI)user interface
  • Convenient, new features

So Head on over to XTop Mobile to get your 30 day beta trial and don’t forget sign up to be notified when the full version launches.