NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Don’t Disturb Me! (DDM) for only $1.99!

Don’t Disturb Me! (DDM) is the Ulitmate SMS&Call firewall on blackberry platform! Block the spam sms messages by the sender’s number or by the keywords! Use DDM to block unwanted calls!Use password to protect DDM’ setting! Create sms filter directly from messaging application! Config how DDM will notify you when a SMS/Call has been blocked! DDM meets all the requirements of block spam SMS and unwanted calls!

**Trial version can only block sms/call 50 times.

1. block sms by sender’s number or number prefix.
2. block sms by user defined keywords.
3. block phone call by caller’s number or number prefix
4. use “safe sender” list to ensure your important sms&call will not be blocked.
5. “Only Permit AddressBook” mode in call firewall
6. use password to protect DDM’s setting
7. backup number/keyword/safe sender list to SD card or restore from SD card.
8. display block indictor and number of sms blocked on top of screen.
9. configurable sound/vibrate/led notification when blocked SMS or Call. Also can totally keep silent.
10. view detailed information of blocked SMS and reply it.
11. view detailed information of blocked Call and call back.
11. “auto responder”. you can configure ddm to auto respond message to a special receiver or all receiver , only reply blocked messages or for all messages.

**If you’re upgrading from version 1.x, please follow these steps:
1. backup your DDM setting by using DDM’s backup feature;
2. uninstall DDM
3. reboot.
4. reinstall DDM
5. restore your setting by using DDM’s restore feature

You can pick up your copy of Don’t Disturb Me! (DDM) the NerdBerry Store for $1.99 today only here! This app normally sells for $3.99.