Berry Report Podcast Episode 46 featuring the Nerds! Tonight at 9 PM EST

This week’s Episode of The Berry Report Podcast will be a round table discussion on BlackBerry and Android! We are combining the best of both worlds with The Berry Report and The AndroidNerds Podcast!

Join Brad from The Berry Reporter and the NerdBerry Team Art and B_Ren for another episode of the Berry Report podcast.

Join us as we discuss current BlackBerry topics such as:

  • BlackBerry Protect
  • Leaked Software Roadmap. Blackberry OS 7?
  • Playbook vs iPad2
  • Angry Farms
  • BBM on Android/iPhone
  • Android apps on BlackBerry
  • The Thunderbolt EPIC FAIL
  • Will Android tablets dominate the market in 2011 (xoom,g-slate,samsung tabs,htc flyer)
  • CTIA and what we expect from Sprint
  • is dual-core worth it or what for the next gen?
  • and anything else we feel like mentioning…. ie. we will be talking till 2am, lol

And many more topics on the tonight’s edition of the Berry Report/AndroidNerds Podcast!!

Please don’t forget to email in your questions or comments  to or!

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