Attention Developers!! Get your Themes and or Apps Nerd Approved!!

At Nerdberry, we take theme/app reviews very seriously.  We know that developers put a ton of time into the best themes around.  We know what it takes to build a theme/app.  AJC3 Designs as a theme developer knows all too well the struggles it takes to make the best possible theme/app and to keep it fresh.  We invite all developers to have us review your themes and apps FREE of charge.

The rating system is a combination of the most valuable features in a theme:

  • Function:  Function does NOT mean how many tricks the theme can do; rather it is how well the theme works.  This includes but not limited to – Navigation, Speed, Ease of access and overall performance.
  • Cleanliness: This is key to almost all themes.  A theme has to be tidy, well planned and executed and appealing to the eyes.
  • Feel and Flow:  If your theme is random walls, and random icons everywhere, chances are it’s not going to flow well.  The flow of a theme means that from screen to screen it feels good, not that you’re jumping into several different themes at the same time.

What is the difference in stars:

  • Gold: Your theme is fantastic in all aspects
  • Silver: Still a great theme, just not at the gold standard
  • Bronze: A bronze star signifies that there are some issues with the theme, whether it be any or all of the criteria.  Before we give a bronze star we will contact the developer and let them know of the issues we find.

Themes are reviewed, not critiqued.  We will inspect them, use them, and review them.  Most themes we get are pretty awesome, and most get our approval.  Keep in mind that we all have different tastes and likes.  We are also unbiased.  Every theme builder is a different person; we will not favor one over another.  Each brings a different quality to the table.  Our reviews are solely based on the criteria above.  If you think your theme or app is awesome, put it to the Nerd test!  Will you be Nerd Approved?  You will never know until you try!

The rating system is for you developers.  When we give you a star, it is for you to use in all of your publications, promos etc for that item… The star signifies that your theme has been awarded the Nerd Approved Theme/App.  We take pride in our reputation and know you do to.  One of the best things about the award is that people will see it, they know us, and know what is about, thus feel better about buying your theme.

If you would like to have your theme or app reviewed by NerdBerry and or would like to offer your theme or app as a giveaway on NerdBerry please contact and or!