Playbook now available for pre-order at Best Buy

The Playbook has been a long awaited tablet.  Powered by QNX it has been shown in previous displays and tests as being faster, more responsive and agile then the Apple iPad.  Now the arrival date for the Playbook has been set as 4/19-4/26.


This is the most defeinitive dates we have seen since the rumor, confirmed or any documented anythng about the 7″ tablet.  Priced just right from $499.99 to $699.99 via Best Buy website.  It is going to come in 16/32/64 GB flavors and have alleged ability to run Android apps, although that is still unconfirmed.  BlackBerry has dropped to #2 in the smartphone maret as Android surpasses them in sales.  Analysts say that the PlayBook won’t be BlackBerry’s saving grace, but I think otherwise.

Recent events show that consumers are looking for something fresh, new and fun.  BlackBerry hasn’t brought that to the table in a long time.  The videos that we have seen about the Playbook show just that, it looks fun.  The alleged ability to run Android apps and running the well known QNX is the trifecta.

If your a developer for the Playbook, you do still have 9 days to get your app on App World before the deadline, if not, now is your chance to order the PlayBook from Best Buy here.