BlackBerry App World Hits 3 Million Downloads a Day

Product Manager for BlackBerry App World, Alex Kinsella has tweeted “3 million downloads a day from BlackBerry App World”. That is a very impressive statistic if you ask me. Ronen was kind enough to put together the following info:

  • 1 Million downloads a day – July 30th 2010 when RIM announced App World 2.0 Beta
  • 1.5 Million downloads a day – Sep 27th 2010 at BlackBerry DevCon in San Francisco
  • 2 Million downloads a day – Feb 14th 2011 when App World was expanded to 100 Markets
  • 3 Million downloads a day – March 22nd 2011 via Alex Kinsella

The growth rate is amazing! if this keeps up we may see 10-15 million downloads a day by the end of the year! Way to go RIM!!!