BlackBerry Travel App Updated to v1.0.350.99 Lots of Fixes!

The FREE BlackBerry Travel app has been updated to v1.0.350.99. The last update was to v1.0.341.99 just the other day.

Fixes include:

  • Added Bold 9000 support.
  • Fixed issue of disappearing itineraries.
  • Resolved device freezing (white screen) on launch of application.
  • Fixed settings reset after battery pull:
  • Caused TripCatch to turn off.
  • Caused users to lose their home city until next sync.
  • Updated the splat mechanism to fix various bugs.
  • Added Hotel promotions in hotels results screen.
  • General push framework fixes.
  • Fixed airport selection on new flight.
  • New UI control in weather card.
  • UI fixes for LinkedIn screen.
  • Various small UI changes and fixes ? All screens.
  • Improved swipe behavior for home screen cards.
  • Added ?All cities? option:
  • Will show multiple weather displays (one per each city).
  • Will show all LinkedIn connections per trip.
  • Yelp links will go to Yelp search screen (instead of results), with the selected category pre-populated as well as the first city.
  • Added sort menu items in Yelp screen.
  • Added empty images to LinkedIn field like in LinkedIn card.
  • Added state to airport name in auto complete field.
  • Currency screen: Corrected concurrency issues and added ‘Update Rates’ option in menu.
  • Implemented key press: ‘T’ & ‘B’ scrolls to Top and Bottom accordingly.
  • Added timer for ensuring GPS deactivation.
  • Fixed XML encoding in BlackBerry Maps.
  • Fixed calendar sync.

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