Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 Shows Up on eBay – But it Now $1025.00

This is typical for an unreleased BlackBerry device to show up on eBay. Today Ronen over at BerryReview came across the above eBay listing for the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900.

Ronen, stated “The odd part is that these devices are usually auctioned off but both of these listings are to Buy It Now. Also odd is that they each claim to have 10+ devices though they will only be shipping them between Jun. 27 and Fri. Jul. 1.

In short it looks like these listings are a scam or at the very least a “Buy for a ridiculous price and wait until they are available” kind of deal. The reason I thought this is worth mentioning is because one of these sellers has 100% positive feedback on over 1500 transactions and the other has 94.8% positive feedback on 324 transactions. The feedback seems to be from valid phone sales so I am not sure exactly what the story is here…”

Please tell us what you think.