Fix for Blackberry Bridge plugin for Blackberry Messenger does not exist, or your version of Blackberry Messenger does not support Blackberry Bridge

When I used BlackBerry Bridge connect my BlackBerry Bold 9700 to the BlackBerry PlayBook I was able to connect. Everything would work great through the Bridge app except BlackBerry Messenger. I kept getting this error when connecting “Blackberry Bridge plugin for Blackberry Messenger does not exist, or your version of Blackberry Messenger does not support Blackberry Bridge.” Well after several days of trying to resolve this issue I contact BlackBerry PlayBook support and after several hours on the phone escalating to higher technicians I think we have found a fix. I know there are several people out there that are running in to this error message when trying to use BlackBerry Bridge.

There seem to be three reason this error keeps appearing.

  1. BlackBerry Messenger data base is corrupted
  2. Too Many BlackBerry Messenger contacts (I only had about 500)
  3. This one I really do not get: If a contact in you list has a snowflake or special characters in their screen name could cause some sort of conflict.

Hit the break to see the fix!

Here are the steps I took with the tech on the phone to get BBM on my PlayBook:

  1. Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your PC and open Desktop Manager>Click Back up now>when the screen pops up make sure you select FULL as the backup type>change the file location to your desktop so you can find the file later>click backup and let it roll.
  2. Send a broadcast message to all of your contact asking them to re-add you in 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. Wipe your BlackBerry smartphone (be sure you have a good backup before you do this. You will need the backup to restore your BlackBerry later) To do this step 3 go to: Options>Security>Security Wipe>Select ONLY Emails, Contacts, etc. Scroll down and type “blackberry” You device will reboot after it is done wiping.
  4. While your BlackBerry is wiping go to your PlayBook and click on the gear to get to your settings>click in Bluetooth and delete your paired BlackBerry>Reboot your PlayBook
  5. Once your device has rebooted go to BlackBerry Messenger and accept the “Terms and Conditions” close BBM.
  6. Now go to Manage Connections>Bluetooth Connections>Hit the Menu Button (the button with the BlackBerry logo)>scroll to MAP Options and open>Un-check all but New message notifications and SAVE>Hit the Menu Button again scroll to Options and open>Scroll to Serial Port Profile Un-check the following ONLY Desktop Connectivity, Wireless Bypass, and SIM Access Profileand SAVE and close.
  7. Now connect your PlayBook to your BlackBerry smartphone through Bluetooth.
  8. Once you are connected through Bluetooth double check to see if you are connected to BlackBerry Bridge by clicking on the gear to go to your settings on your PlayBook once there you should see two green arrows on the right side of the connected device.
  9. Now you should be able to open BlackBerry Messenger on the BlackBerry PlayBook and it should work great! This worked for me, it should work for you!
  10. Now that you are running BBM on your BlackBerry PlayBook plug your BlackBerry in to the USB port on your PC and open Desktop Manager(remember the backup you did in step 1)>click device>Restore>when the screen pops up you should see your backup that you did in step 1 if not find it>click on Select device data and settings>You can select everything EXCEPT for BlackBerry Messenger( I only restored my contacts)>Click restore and let it roll.
  11. Reboot your BlackBerry smartphone
  12. Now you should start receiving BBM requests.
  13. BBM on the BlackBerry PlayBook Rocks!!!!!!

I hope this works for you if you have any questions you can reach me on Twitter @sleepy2009 or @nerdberry. Good luck and happy BBMing!