Rumor: The BlackBerry PlayBook to get an update on or around the 14th – Incremental OS updates!

I just received word from a very reliable source that the PlayBook will receive an update on or around the 14 of July! Now my source is not 100% sure of what all is going to be included in the update but I was told one very important detail.

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One of the updates “coming soon” will include an incremental update feature built in to the OS. What does that mean to you? Well look at it this way no more complete OS updates, meaning that if RIM updates App World for the PlayBook you will receive notification that App World has been updated and you need to update it to the current version and not update the whole OS. Just like when you receive an update for an app through App World on your BlackBerry smartphone.

I was also informed that RIM is scrambling to get the retail channels back in line. Let’s say you walk in to a store look at the end caps and what do you see? You will see iPad, XOOM, and the Galaxy tablets, the PlayBook is out of site and out of mind.This is a huge dis-service to RIM. I remember when the PlayBook was first release I went to an Office Depot here in Houston and asked to see it (this is like 2-3 days after launch) the rep tells me they have not set up the display and the unit was still in the back boxed up. I told the rep that they should really pull it out of the back and get it set up because it is a hot seller. We the rep just looked at me and said ok… Really WTH??!!?? So to sum everything up RIM is having issues with sales due to their retail channels not advertising the PlayBook enough. The source also told me that RIM set an “unrealistic sales goal” with the PlayBook and as we all know fell short.

What do you think about about the incremental update feature? Feel free to share your thoughts.

  • thbassman

    they need to do something if Walmart did this they wouldnt be the largest retailer in the USA.