BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Updated to v6.0.0.111 in the Beta Zone

RIM has just updated BBM to v6.0.0.111 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

What’s New?

  • BBM Connected Apps - With BBM connected apps, you can chat with your contacts and other BBM users. You can also do thefollowing:
    • Post recent app activities to your BBM profile
    • Host or join events
    • Ignore app invitations from contacts
    • Block or report an app
  • Adding Contacts - The Invite screen has been improved so that you can quickly type contact information in the field at thetop of the screen

  • BBM Groups - You can easily share links to GPS locations, podcasts, and webpages with a group.
  • Chats - You can send and receive appointments.


According to the Beta Zone here is what is really new. Nothing but bug fixes.

What’s New?

You won’t see any new features in this version since we’ve focused on fixing a lot of the bugs found in BBM 6 and the BBM Social Platform. We really need developers to update to this version, but we would still like beta testers to test this version from an end user’s perspective to make sure everything’s working fine!

So enjoy this new version! Use BBM as you normally would and leave feedback in the discussion forum if you see anything “funny”. We may follow up with a survey in future to get your feedback on any  issues found in thisverion .

Thanks to everyone who reported any bugs or feature requests for BBM v6.0.0.73. They’ve all been shared with the project team and we’re actively investigating them for future versions of BBM.

Visit the BlackBerry Beta Zone to signup and see if you can get in on the beta goodness.