App Review: SecureMyApps Keeps Wandering Eyes At Bay

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Price Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

When it comes to smartphones users are always thinking of security.  Historically RIM and BlackBerry’s have been synonymous with security, which is true, but what if someone where to find or steal your device?  I am sure that we all keep some kind of personal information on our devices, and any little bit of extra peace of mind would be welcome.  This is where SecureMyApps comes into play, as it goes a little further than your average device password or pattern lock, and adds application specific locks.  This can come in handy if someone where to pick up your device while the screen is still active and your standard password is not required to enter into apps.

SecureMyApps provides you with the security that a lot of us want.  This app enables you to set passwords that you are prompted for when trying to enter an app, or even if it has been running for an allotted time.  You can add this feature to both core apps, such as the calendar or contact list, as well s third party apps that you have installed from AppWorld or the Nerdberry App Store.  This can truly come in handy if you have a co-worker, friend, child or anyone else that may have some wandering eyes that lets their curiosity get the better of them.

Upon installation of the app you are asked to choose a password that will be needed to be entered upon opening of the selected apps.  This process is very simple and takes no time at all, however you do want to make sure that you choose a password that you can easily remember so as no to lock yourself out of an app.  Once the password has been accepted you can start to select apps from the menu.  You can either search for specific apps, choose from the list of core applications or third party ones.  There is an option to”select all”, but I would stay away from that one unless you really want to lock down your device.  Remember that if you select all you are going to be prompted to enter your password every time you open that app, or let it rest for 5 minutes of more.

You also have the ability to setup multiple profiles that can activated very easily within the application.  This could be useful if you want to have separate apps locked down during the work week and on weekends.  This could even be where you might setup a “kids only” profile let’s say, for when you are letting your children play or surf on your Berry.  I went through and setup multiple profiles and was surprised at how easily I could transition back and forth between them.

All around SecureMyApps does exactly what it meant to, there are no tricks or surprises as this app truly makes your phone a little more secure.  While the UI isn’t going to win any awards for transitions and graphics, I really don’t believe that it is necessary.  When it comes to securing your device you don’t need to have animations and the like being there to “dress up” an app that does not need it.  Navigation within the app worked both with a trackpad and with a touchscreen (for those Storm and Torch users out there).  For the price tag of only $2.99 I would highly recommend this app to anyone out there that feels they need to add a little more security to their device.  If you are interested in getting a copy today you can grab it from the Nerdberry App Store, or you can keep an eye out as we are going to be giving way 10 copies of  SecureMyApps sometime very soon!