RIM Has Released BlackBerry Push Service SDK v1.1.0 for Developers

Great news for all of you developers! Today RIM has released the BlackBerry Push Service SDK v1.1.0.

New features include:

  • The ability to push to both public (BlackBerry Internet Service) and enterprise (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) applications using a single SDK and server-side application
  • The ability for installation to run in memory mode (i.e., no database configuration required) for quick and easy setup, evaluation and testing. A database should still be used in a production environment
  • The ability to select between two distributions: high-level APIs that enable features such as subscription management and low-level APIs that send simple pushes to the service (to better suit the type of push app you’re building)

  • Additional logging functionality to help track and audit push events
  • An improved server-side sample application for push initiation that uses the new features
  • Source code for the Debug Portal helper web application to assist developers in building their own server-side applications

Grab the Push Service SDK today!