Blackberry Bold 9900 To Offer Wireless Charging?

We just cant stop hearing of all the news of the Blackberry Bold 9900! It seem that RIM has been quietly working on allowing the Bold 9900 to implement a way of wireless charging! And from the looks of the special backing of the Bold 9900, it would allow magnetic conductive charging unlike inductive which is metal to metal charging, but again this has not been confirm.

If you can remember back in the Palm days they had the Palm Touchstone charger, so it seems that the Bold 9900 will be pack with NFC and Wireless charging capabilities and Blackberry 7, next month should be a great month for RIM and us, Blackberry lovers alike, I can’t wait!



  • Ahmed Alkhuzae

    so what happened with this ?
    i have a 9900 i dont think it has wireless charging ,, but i really want it

    is there any accsesory or mod that could make it happen

  • Demz

    I made something quite cool, a bold 9900 wireless charger converted from the curve’s powermat charger; Check my channel at:

  • Demz

    I’ve got one, I made recently; check my channel at: