BBM 6 Quietly Hints at BBM Music App Coming Soon!

RIM has quietly hinted at the release of the BBM Music app within BBM 6. If you have recently updated your Blackberry Messenger to version 6, you may miss a feature that used to intergrated within the options menu. If you can remember and even if you want to take a look, the “show what im listening to” option is missing? With the release of Blackberry Messenger Social, many social application can show other users what it is your are doing such a playing a game or your location.

We told you exclusively of BBM Music Application coming soon and with the nixing of BBM’s music status options it seems RIM is quietly working on the BBM Music application. Here are a few things to be included in the app to refresh your memory:

•The music app will be coming soon after App World 3.0 is released
•BBM Music will be loaded on all new devices
•Social Music Sharing using BBM
•You share songs with others on BBM
•RIM will be setting up their own music library
•It will be a paid subscription and cost around $4.99 a month
•Get 50 songs and then share them and you will be able to use 50 songs from others on BBM

Please feel free to share your thoughts on BBM Music