Carphone Warehouse UK Now Lists The BlackBerry Torch 9860 As “Coming Soon”

If you are a BlackBerry fan in the UK this is probably some good news.  The online retailer The Carphone Warehouse has now listed the BlackBerry 9860 as “coming soon”.  This is some really good news for those of you that have been clamoring for a high quality all touch BlackBerry.  After getting some hands on with the Torch 9860 I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking about getting it.  There isn’t a ton of information on the site, but you can register to be notified when the Torch 9860 is available for order.  if you are in the UK and have some serious interest in this one I suggest you head on over to Carphone Warehouse, and register today!


thanks @Deondraee for the tip!