RIM CEO Listed As One Of DailyFinance’s Top 9 CEO ‘s Who Should Be Fired

Apparently the list writer for the DailyFinance article is not a Blackberry fanboy.

Research In Motion is probably on nearly everybody’s list of companies in need of a new CEO. Jim Balsillie has been co-CEO since 1992; Mike Lazaridis shares the top job with him. RIM has received as much press coverage as nearly any major consumer electronics company over the last year. It has hemorrhaged market share, which has been gained by Apple (AAPL) and a number of companies that produce smartphones based on the Google (GOOG) Android mobile operating system. Market research shows that RIM is the no. 3 or no. 4 smartphone company in both the U.S. and abroad, and that its piece of those markets has continued to fall quickly. RIM has revised its growth forecasts lower several times. Its new PlayBook tablet PC did poorly when it was introduced. The company continues to throw products into the market, most recently seven new smartphone models. RIM’s shares have dropped nearly 70% in the last two years and 55% year-to-date.

While he makes some valid points, I think it’s more the design team that’s the problem. I think the people who pick the specifications of the phones are a year behind the competition and that is the biggest contributing factor to why RIM is having poor sales.

Perhaps the CEO’s should pull a Steve Jobs and disappear for a while and come back with some really good ideas.