RIM and Facebook will be meeting with UK Parliament to discuss potential Social Media ban

In the midst of the ongoing riots in the UK , RIM and Facebook have agreed to meet with some parliament officials to discuss the potential ban on social media.  RIM will be meeting with the UK’s Home Secretary Theresa May as well as others, to get to the bottom of the role that BBM and Facebook played in the riots.  The need for these meetings is due to the fact that UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has stated that he is examining whether or not a ban of social media for suspected criminals is warranted.

There has been a lot of criticism from free speech advocates about the UK’s parliament decision to even look into these matters.  The official BlackBerry Blog was even hacked when the first rumors about co-operation surfaced.  It still remains to be seen exactly what will happen once RIM and the UK government meet together, but we can hope that a BBM ban isn’t put into place, as it may end up affecting a large number of innocent people.

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