Theme Review/Contest: SilverTide by Pro Theme Designs – Win 1 of 15 Copies!!!

Themes are one of the many things that allow you to make your BlackBerry handset truly your device. Most users have the option of customizing their phone infinitely, but for some users they are really limited to what they can do because of the nature of the business that they do.

This is where SilverTide from Pro Theme Designs excels.  It is a very minimalist theme that still carries the OEM look that comes with OS 6.   SilverLight looks like the stock theme with a Silver color scheme.

You still have the normal customization of the wallpaper like with all other themes but as you can see from the image above the wallpaper that it is preloaded with is a very nice touch.  Over all the theme delivers a very vanilla appearance which it was designed to, but there are many hidden gems inside this bad boy.  If you look at the description from our NerdBerry Store you can see the additional features placed inside this theme:


  • Enhanced (Early Warning) Battery Meter**
  • New Message Indicator Icon
  • Call and Lock Screen Wallpaper
  • Menu Colors, Highlights and Buttons
  • OS7 Theme Icons
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Font Size and Type Friendly
  • Wallpaper Friendly

In case you didn’t catch the little gem that was buried in the bullet points above there is an enhanced battery meter within the theme.  It also has color coding depending on the charge that is left in the battery; quick glance and you know how much longer you have before you need to locate a wall socket for you charger.  At 100% the battery icon will fill up green, at 20% the meter will turn yellow, at 15% the meter will turn orange and as normal, the meter will turn red at 10%. The total enhancements to the battery meter will give you a great early warning of your devices charge.  This will save you from having to spend the additional money for a battery meter program.

As for the usability of the theme, I have not found any issues at all while testing this on my device.  Screen transitions are snappy and the contrast between the screens when it comes to your apps are very easy on the users eyes.

The ease continues into the other screens as well…

If you have to keep your BlackBerry as professional looking as possible this very well may be the best business based theme on the market at this time.  Now being the loyal readers all of you are we thought it would be a good idea to give a few of our members the chance to use this theme on their beloved BlackBerries.  There are 15 copies of the theme up for grabs, and you have until October 15th at Midnight to put your name in the hat to be able to get your hands on this.  The rules are below.

Finally we must give a big shout out to Jarrod and Anthony at Pro Theme Designs for giving us the opportunity to share this theme with you.


Here is what you have to do to win:

  • You MUST post a comment here in this post with your twitter name.
  • You MUST ReTweet this post using the Twitter Button below be sure to mention @nerdberry in the tweet.
  • Do Pro Themes a favor and follow them on twitter as well  @ProThemeDesigns. Its just good business people, nothing more nothing less.

We will use to pick the winners. Thanks to Pro Theme Designs for supplying us the copies SilverTide for the contest! Once the winner’s are we will email you the instructions for your theme and get it right out to you!

  • Ron Taylor

    Retweeted this post (with mention @nerdberry) and following @ProThemeDesigns, and of course posting a comment here. Thanks @radiosparks

  • Anonymous

    I would love a theme, one of the best OS 7 mockups Ive seen