BIG Sale from BerryGlowDesigns – All BGD Themes are $.99 Until Monday!

BerryGlowDesigns (BGD) is celebrating the launch of their new website with a giveaway and a BIG Sale on all of their themes! You can pick up all of BGD themes for only $.99! Hit the break for more info!

This weekend we want to celebrate the launch of our website, and knowing how much everyone just loves sales and giveaways, we’ve decided to show some love for our fans, and do just that. A sale, and a giveaway. Until Monday 0:00am (GMT+0), you will be able to get any BerryGlowDesigns premium theme for just $0.99, and that includes our recently released AquaGlow.

And if you haven’t got to check out our First! post yet, now you will be able to download for Free the first BerryGlowDesigns theme we’ve ever released, which actually consists of 15 themes, with various color and display versions.

So head over to the NerdBerry Store and enjoy!