NerdBerry’s How To: Delete BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Re-Install it Safely

This how to is for my baby sister @tiktok2486! She is a Noob when it comes to BlackBerry one day she will get it :) Hit the Break for the step by step instructions on how to delete BBM and re-install it correctly!

1)      Open BBM

2)      Click the BlackBerry menu button

3)      Scroll and click on options

4)      Scroll down until you see “save a backup”

5)      Click “save a backup”

6)      Click “Back Up Files Locally”

7)      Click “Backup Now”

8)      Click “Save on media card”

9)      You will see a message that states “The backup file was successfully created” Click on “OK”

10)    Now go to options on the BlackBerry device, click on the little wrench

11)    Click on device in the options menu

12)   Scroll until you see application management and click on it

13)   Scroll until you see BlackBerry Messenger or whatever application you are trying to remove.

14)   Click delete

15)   Reboot it may or may prompt you to reboot if you do not see this pull your battery wait 30 seconds then replace it.

16)   Now BBM has been removed from your device.

17)   Once your BlackBerry has rebooted open Blackberry App World

18)   Search for BBM or BlackBerry Messenger

19)   Click on download

20)   Once the application has been downloaded reboot your device.

21)   Now that your BlackBerry has rebooted you should have BBM back on your device.

22)   Open BBM

23)   Click on restore your contacts

24)   Find the file you saved earlier

25)   Now your BBM is restoring

26)   Once the restore is complete pull your battery to reboot once more

27)   Now that your device has been rebooted your BBM should be back to normal.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment here on this post or in the NerdBerry Forums!

  • TudaddyxD

    I try the step but when i try to delete it doesnt say “Delete” ?

  • cassandraa.♥

    hey i deleted my bbm and then reinstalled it but it isnt working.. i used to have this phone before then my mom imported her number to it, and now i unlocked it and my sim card is in it, but my bbm does not work

  • 1498anan

    yayyeee thank youuuu!!!

  • Misbah Ashraf

    how delete blackberry messenger for bold 9700